hayden is ONE | family | mckinney, tx

smith-140wmWe took these family pictures just in time for Hayden’s first birthday!  It was a very humid Sunday morning and Hayden was not a fan, but his monkey came to the rescue.  Here are a few favorites from their session.smith-1wmsmith-2wmsmith-3wmsmith-7wmsmith-8wmsmith-11wmsmith-17wmsmith-26wmsmith-35wmsmith-37wmsmith-45wmsmith-57wmsmith-72wmsmith-79wmsmith-89wmsmith-94wmsmith-99wmsmith-105wmsmith-109wmsmith-111wmsmith-116wmsmith-119wmsmith-120wmsmith-124wmsmith-129wmsmith-138wmsmith-152wmsmith-154wmWhat a beautiful family!  Oh, and this South African Mama brought me some homemade rusks to dip in my morning coffee.  I’ve been spoiled and I don’t think I could ever go back to drinking my coffee without it!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

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brotherly love | children | plano, tx

julianblues-4wmWhat a great way to start off the bluebonnet season with these two handsome brothers!  They were in the best of moods and I can’t get enough of their sweet faces.julianblues-9wmSometimes, you just need your blanky and your big brother.julianblues-13wmjulianblues-19wmjulianblues-31wmThey have so much love for each other!

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robbie is 2 | children | mckinney, tx

siegel-107wmIt may be hard to believe when looking at these pictures, but it took a while for this little guy to warm up to me.  Once he realized I wasn’t going anywhere and we let him take the lead, he kept the smiles coming!  siegel-55wmsiegel-56wmsiegel-14wmsiegel-64wmsiegel-65wmsiegel-66wmsiegel-43wmsiegel-49wmsiegel-82wmsiegel-105wmsiegel-115wmsiegel-116wm

Happy 2nd Birthday, sweet boy!

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full circle | family | mckinney, tx

luckett-8wmI recently met this Mom through Fit4Mom but we found out that we actually first met years ago through a mutual friend and went to the same alma mater.  Small world!  This was also the exact same place where they had taken their engagement pictures and they’re back with some very adorable additions!luckett-5wm luckett-6wm We started the session getting our sillies out, aka, a dance off.  Obviously.luckett-9wmluckett-13wm luckett-14wm luckett-16wm luckett-22wmSisters are the best!  And matching outfits FTW!
luckett-24wmluckett-29wm luckett-30wm luckett-36wm luckett-39wm luckett-40wm luckett-42wm luckett-52wmSo neat to see things come full circle.  I’m glad I was able to take them down memory lane and create new ones, too.

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little bear | maternity | dallas, tx

IMG_9109When my sister decided to do maternity pictures, she wanted it to be fun.  She and my brother-in-law chose the library and the playground because they’ll be visiting these places a lot in the coming years.

belino-1wm belino-13wm belino-26wmbelino-29wm belino-31wmbelino-38wm belino-42wmbelino-20wm belino-48wm belino-53wmbelino-60wm belino-64wm belino-69wmbelino-76wm belino-84wm belino-100wm belino-102wm belino-107wm belino-112wm belino-115wm belino-127wm belino-135wmWe brought a friend with us to the library. She loved photobombing the picture! I think she thought we were playing hide-and-seek. belino-160wmbelino-174belino-181wmbelino-163wmbelino-167wmbelino-155wmbelino-202wmbelino-197wm belino-209wm

This weekend, we’ll be celebrating the parents-to-be.  I’m so excited for the changes and adventures coming their way.  And I can’t wait to wait to meet my little nephew!

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the gift of life.  Hope you are celebrating with the ones you love!

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rain, rain, go away | family | mckinney, tx

This beautiful family met me bright and early on a Friday morning despite pops of showers in the forecast.   The clouds parted and we were able to take a stroll around the Square.  I even gained a new best friend!  I loved seeing their family dynamic.  So glad I got to start my day with them!

IMG_4704wmIMG_4726wmIMG_4732wmIMG_4773wm IMG_4792wmIMG_4801wmIMG_4827wm IMG_4843wmIMG_4876wmIMG_4900wm IMG_4930wm IMG_4954wmIMG_4951wm

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