gray | mckinney, tx family photographer


The Gray family was one of the first families I photographed for my first round of mini sessions at Studio House in McKinney.  These boys walked in looking very handsome with their sweet curls and contagious smiles.  I was not expecting a workout that morning, but I sure got a great one chasing after these cuties.  Boys will be boys!

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mandy | maternity | mckinney, tx


I’m so lucky to be able to photograph such beautiful expecting moms!  Mandy looked radiant during her maternity session.  She and her husband will be welcoming another baby girl in less than a month and I can’t wait to meet her!  Here are some favorites from their session.


Doesn’t she remind you of Shirley Temple?  Love her curls!




kuntz | family | mckinney, tx


The Kuntz family were the winners of our Three Year Anniversary Mini Session Giveaway!  It was a rainy, fall season which called for many reschedules during the month of October.  On this particular Sunday, it was sunny one minute and cloudy the next.  No joke, it started pouring just five minutes before our session was supposed to start, right as I was pulling into the Square.  We waited it out and as soon as the rain past, we went for it.  I’m so glad we did!  And might I add that these girls were amazing!  I had so much fun photographing this gorgeous family!


childs | family | mckinney, tx

One word that describes this session – F U N!  This family was up for anything.  They came out looking fabulous and the kids were in great spirits.  What more could I ask for.  Thanks again, Childs family, for the opportunity to capture your family again this year.

herrera | family | mckinney, tx

This family met me while vacationing in the DFW area.  When they’re on vacation, they like to hire a local photographer and have their portraits taken in the city they’re in.  What a great idea!  They’ve done pictures at the beach and parks/nature, so they wanted to try something different.  We agreed to meet in downtown McKinney and I think it was perfect for what they were going for.  I hope we cross paths again in the future.  They were a great bunch to work with!

brittany | maternity | mckinney, tx

brittany-43 copy

Brittany and her family will be welcoming a baby boy next month.  Isn’t she cute with her little baby bump?  We’re all very excited to meet you, Lucas!

collage copybrittany-7 copybrittany-10 copybrittany-14 copybrittany-19 copybrittany-20 copybrittany-21 copybrittany-22 copycollage2 copybrittany-33 copybrittany-30 copybrittany-35 copybrittany-41 copybrittany-42 copybrittany-45 copybrittany-53 copybrittany-57 copybrittany-61 copybrittany-65 copy

hayley | maternity | mckinney, tx

hayley-86-copyHayley wanted to take some pictures before becoming a family of four and what better way to capture her family than in their beautiful home.  What a pretty backdrop right in their backyard!  They’re welcoming their second child and waiting to find out if it’s a boy or a girl.  I can’t wait to meet their new addition!  Here are just a few of my favorites from their session.hayley-2-copyhayley-4-copyhayley-7-copyhayley-12-copyhayley-17-copyhayley-21-copyhayley-30-copyhayley-35-copyWhat a mama’s boy.  I’m sure he’s going to be the best big brother!collage2-copyhayley-52-copyhayley-56-copyhayley-57-copyhayley-71-copycollage1-copyhayley-77-copyhayley-88-copyhayley-95-copyhayley-92-copyhayley-96-copy

hayley-103-copyhayley-110-copyhayley-115-copyI loved talking motherhood with this glowing Mama!  I hope I didn’t scare her too much about having two kids – you got this!  Thank you for welcoming me into your home.

just cruzin’ | family | mckinney, tx

graham-5-copyI’m so glad to finally photograph this family after having to reschedule a few times.  It all worked out though because the weather was perfect and we had that delicious light!  Cruz just turned one and is cruising (pun intended) everywhere!  He’ll be walking in no time!  Here are just a few of my favorites from their session.graham-1-copygraham-2-copygraham-6-copygraham-8-copygraham-16-copygraham-18-copygraham-22-copygraham-23-copygraham-24-copygraham-28-copygraham-29-copygraham-37-copygraham-39-copygraham-43-copygraham-47-copygraham-51-copygraham-52-copygraham-57-copyI enjoyed getting to know this beautiful family and can’t wait to see that cheeky smile again!

number four | family + maternity | mckinney, tx

moses-23 copyThis is the first family I took pictures for and I’m forever grateful that they took a chance on me.  One year later, here we are taking updated pictures before baby #4 arrives next week!  NUMBER FOUR!  And since she has never taken maternity pictures, we snuck in a few of her baby bump, too.  Here are a few of my favorites.moses-2 copymoses-10 copymoses-12 copymoses-13 copymoses-19 copymoses-25 copymoses-31 copymoses-35 copymoses-34 copymoses-39 copymoses-43 copymoses-46 copyHer last hoorah as the baby.  It’s going to be so interesting to see her play the big sister role.moses-49 copymoses-53 copymoses-56 copymoses-60 copymoses-63 copymoses-66 copymoses-69 copymoses-71 copymoses-81 copymoses-77 copymoses-89 copymoses-92 copy“We’re going on a bear hunt…”moses-106 copymoses-112 copyI’d like to give a quick shoutout to this strong Mama for keeping it together and still managing to kick our butts during her Stroller Strides classes.  She is superwoman!

Thank you again for letting me capture these moments for your family.  Looking forward to meeting your little one soon.

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hayden is ONE | family | mckinney, tx

smith-140wmWe took these family pictures just in time for Hayden’s first birthday!  It was a very humid Sunday morning and Hayden was not a fan, but his monkey came to the rescue.  Here are a few favorites from their session.smith-1wmsmith-2wmsmith-3wmsmith-7wmsmith-8wmsmith-11wmsmith-17wmsmith-26wmsmith-35wmsmith-37wmsmith-45wmsmith-57wmsmith-72wmsmith-79wmsmith-89wmsmith-94wmsmith-99wmsmith-105wmsmith-109wmsmith-111wmsmith-116wmsmith-119wmsmith-120wmsmith-124wmsmith-129wmsmith-138wmsmith-152wmsmith-154wmWhat a beautiful family!  Oh, and this South African Mama brought me some homemade rusks to dip in my morning coffee.  I’ve been spoiled and I don’t think I could ever go back to drinking my coffee without it!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

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