williamson | family | mckinney, tx

This family right here.  It’s like they came right out of a magazine. The fun colors that they chose totally matches their family dynamic.  These kids had a lot of personality which made for some really awesome pictures.  What a beautiful family.  It was a pleasure to get to know them and capture these moments in time.

herrera | family | mckinney, tx

This family met me while vacationing in the DFW area.  When they’re on vacation, they like to hire a local photographer and have their portraits taken in the city they’re in.  What a great idea!  They’ve done pictures at the beach and parks/nature, so they wanted to try something different.  We agreed to meet in downtown McKinney and I think it was perfect for what they were going for.  I hope we cross paths again in the future.  They were a great bunch to work with!

hayden is ONE | family | mckinney, tx

smith-140wmWe took these family pictures just in time for Hayden’s first birthday!  It was a very humid Sunday morning and Hayden was not a fan, but his monkey came to the rescue.  Here are a few favorites from their session.smith-1wmsmith-2wmsmith-3wmsmith-7wmsmith-8wmsmith-11wmsmith-17wmsmith-26wmsmith-35wmsmith-37wmsmith-45wmsmith-57wmsmith-72wmsmith-79wmsmith-89wmsmith-94wmsmith-99wmsmith-105wmsmith-109wmsmith-111wmsmith-116wmsmith-119wmsmith-120wmsmith-124wmsmith-129wmsmith-138wmsmith-152wmsmith-154wmWhat a beautiful family!  Oh, and this South African Mama brought me some homemade rusks to dip in my morning coffee.  I’ve been spoiled and I don’t think I could ever go back to drinking my coffee without it!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

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