rincones | family | dallas, tx


The first time I met this family, little Mia was just in her mommy’s tummy.  It’s amazing what a difference a year makes.  I loved meeting beautiful Mia.  She was such a doll.

minka is ONE | children | dallas, tx

This little cutie celebrated her first birthday this month!  I must say, she did an excellent job smashing her (cup)cake at the end of our session.  Happy Birthday, Minka!

price | family | richardson, tx


A beautiful family in the prettiest setting.  These kids’ birthdays are less than a month apart.  What better way to commemorate their special days than with updated portraits.  I’m so glad we got these pictures done when the wildflowers were in full bloom.  As of this past weekend, they’ve been mowed.  It’s become one of my favorites and I will most likely be back again next year.  Thanks, Price family, for trusting me with this location.  I couldn’t be happier with how these turned out!

price-4 copyprice-7 copyprice-11 copyprice-14 copy

Logan turned ONE this month!

price-15 copyprice-16 copyprice-17 copy

Leighton at 4 years old.

price-24 copyprice-28 copyprice-32 copyprice-35 copyprice-42 copy.jpg

Leighton looks like she’s ready to save the world.  Logan is just here to party!

price-45 copy

Both sets of grandparents were in town so they joined in on the fun.

price-50 copy

Three generations of some really good genes.

price-57 copy

beckett and co. | family | plano, tx

beckett-7 copy

Beckett looked so handsome during his bluebonnet session.  It’s safe to say that he gets it from his parents!

beckett-6 copybeckett-9 copybeckett-11 copybeckett-12 copybeckett-14 copybeckett-24 copybeckett-25 copybeckett-33 copybeckett-35 copybeckett-37 copybeckett-41 copybeckett-44 copybeckett-48 copybeckett-49 copy

olivia is ONE | children | richardson, tx

olivia-10 copy

We played in the wildflowers, rocked on rocks, karate chopped some balloons (crazy wind) and ate cake, too!  Happy first birthday, Miss Olivia!  Check out some of my favorites from this fun session.

olivia-8olivia-11 copyolivia-17 copyolivia-21 copyolivia-25 copyolivia-28 copyolivia-33 copyolivia-38 copyolivia-43 copyolivia-47 copyolivia-48 copyolivia-52 copyolivia-55 copyolivia-56 copyolivia-60 copyolivia-62 copyolivia-63 copyolivia-72 copyolivia-76 copyolivia-82 copyolivia-83 copy

travis is ONE | children | frisco, tx

travis-11 copy

Travis is turning one this week!  We had so much fun during his session, even his sister joined in on the fun.  Here are some of my favorites.

travis-5 copytravis-13 copytravis-19 copytravis-23 copycollage1 copytravis-25 copytravis-29 copytravis-30 copytravis-37 copytravis-39 copytravis-41 copytravis-43 copytravis-49 copytravis-51 copy

Happy Birthday, Travis!

owen is one | children | mckinney, tx

ava+owen-8 copy

Today, Owen turns ONE!  He’s such a happy kid and always has a smile on his face.  He shares his birthday month with his big sister who just turned ten so we made it a family event.  I just love photographing this beautiful family.  Happy birthday, little man!

ava+owen-14 copyava+owen-5 copyava+owen-1 copyava+owen-4 copyava+owen-20 copyava+owen-23 copyava+owen-24 copyava+owen-26 copyava+owen-33 copyava+owen-37 copyava+owen-40 copyava+owen-42 copyava+owen-44 copyava+owen-45 copyava+owen-48 copyava+owen-51 copyava+owen-53 copyava+owen-54 copyava+owen-55 copyava+owen-56 copyava+owen-62 copyava+owen-65 copyava+owen-67 copyava+owen-66 copyava+owen-71 copyava+owen-69 copy

ada is ONE | children | mckinney, tx

adaisone-5-copyAda was my first “client” in 2016, and it’s hard to believe that a year has gone by and she’s now ONE!  Here are some favorites from her one year photoshoot.adaisone-2-copyadaisone-4-copyadaisone-7-copyadaisone-8-copyadaisone-9-copyadaisone-15-copyadaisone-17-copyThis was the same red tutu that Ada wore for her newborn pictures!  It’s funny how it almost swallowed her just a year ago!adaisone-21-copyadaisone-28-copyadaisone-30-copyadaisone-33-copyadaisone-34-copyadaisone-40-copyadaisone-42-copyadaisone-47-copyadaisone-52-copy“It’s her birthday, she can cry if she wants to…”  The cold creeped up on us and little Ada was DONE!  But I’m glad we got to finish off the session with a smile regardless!

just cruzin’ | family | mckinney, tx

graham-5-copyI’m so glad to finally photograph this family after having to reschedule a few times.  It all worked out though because the weather was perfect and we had that delicious light!  Cruz just turned one and is cruising (pun intended) everywhere!  He’ll be walking in no time!  Here are just a few of my favorites from their session.graham-1-copygraham-2-copygraham-6-copygraham-8-copygraham-16-copygraham-18-copygraham-22-copygraham-23-copygraham-24-copygraham-28-copygraham-29-copygraham-37-copygraham-39-copygraham-43-copygraham-47-copygraham-51-copygraham-52-copygraham-57-copyI enjoyed getting to know this beautiful family and can’t wait to see that cheeky smile again!

brooklyn is ONE | children | richardson, tx

brooklyn-81-copyI loved everything about this session!  We had such pretty light in the perfect location and Brooklyn’s outfits were just adorable.  It seems like only yesterday that I took her Mom’s maternity pictures, and here she is turning ONE today!  Here are just a few of my favorites.brooklyn-1-copybrooklyn-6-copybrooklyn-16-copyA stork paid us a visit.  brooklyn-19-copybrooklyn-22-copybrooklyn-34-copybrooklyn-37-copybrooklyn-41-copybrooklyn-43-copybrooklyn-46-copybrooklyn-47-copybrooklyn-50-copybrooklyn-51-copybrooklyn-58-copybrooklyn-63-copybrooklyn-67-copybrooklyn-72-copybrooklyn-78-copybrooklyn-85-copybrooklyn-88-copybrooklyn-95-copybrooklyn-105-copyI had to share this sweet picture of Brooklyn and her Daddy! brooklyn-118-copybrooklyn-122-copybrooklyn-128-copybrooklyn-138-copybrooklyn-142-copybrooklyn-149-copybrooklyn-169-copybrooklyn-176-copybrooklyn-184-copybrooklyn-188-copybrooklyn-199-copyHappy 1st Birthday, Brooklyn!