olivia is ONE | children | richardson, tx

olivia-10 copy

We played in the wildflowers, rocked on rocks, karate chopped some balloons (crazy wind) and ate cake, too!  Happy first birthday, Miss Olivia!  Check out some of my favorites from this fun session.

olivia-8olivia-11 copyolivia-17 copyolivia-21 copyolivia-25 copyolivia-28 copyolivia-33 copyolivia-38 copyolivia-43 copyolivia-47 copyolivia-48 copyolivia-52 copyolivia-55 copyolivia-56 copyolivia-60 copyolivia-62 copyolivia-63 copyolivia-72 copyolivia-76 copyolivia-82 copyolivia-83 copy

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