owen is one | children | mckinney, tx

ava+owen-8 copy

Today, Owen turns ONE!  He’s such a happy kid and always has a smile on his face.  He shares his birthday month with his big sister who just turned ten so we made it a family event.  I just love photographing this beautiful family.  Happy birthday, little man!

ava+owen-14 copyava+owen-5 copyava+owen-1 copyava+owen-4 copyava+owen-20 copyava+owen-23 copyava+owen-24 copyava+owen-26 copyava+owen-33 copyava+owen-37 copyava+owen-40 copyava+owen-42 copyava+owen-44 copyava+owen-45 copyava+owen-48 copyava+owen-51 copyava+owen-53 copyava+owen-54 copyava+owen-55 copyava+owen-56 copyava+owen-62 copyava+owen-65 copyava+owen-67 copyava+owen-66 copyava+owen-71 copyava+owen-69 copy

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