stroud – bluebonnets | frisco, tx family photographer

A morning field trip to the bluebonnet field. How adorable are these three? Big sis wore the perfect dress for twirling and the boys both wore vintage sailor suits that once belonged to their uncle.

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sloane | children | plano, tx


Ms. Sloane is turning ONE next week!  This was the same spot where we took her brother’s first birthday pics about two years ago.  A lot has happened since then.  They’ve lived in two different states and recently moved back as a family of four.  They’ve come full circle and I’m so honored to be able to capture these special moments for them.


austin is two | children | plano, tx

I have loved seeing how much Austin has grown over the past two years. He has gotten so good in front of the camera, he practically posed himself like a pro! Happy 2nd birthday, big boy!

The same Coca Cola crate I stuck him in during his newborn session.

morgan is one | children | plano, tx

morganisone-28 copy

I can’t believe this big guy is ONE!  May he never lose those cheeks and may he stay this adorable forever.  It’s clear that his older siblings can’t get enough of him either!

morganisone-4 copymorganisone-12 copymorganisone-19 copymorganisone-30 copymorganisone-34 copymorganisone-33 copymorganisone-41 copy

olivia is two | children | plano

oliviaistwo-30 copy

Bluebonnet season came and went this year and before I knew it, it was over. It’s kind of how I feel about Olivia turning two. It seems like only yesterday we were just taking her first birthday pictures. Time, please slow down!

oliviaistwo-2 copyoliviaistwo-8 copyoliviaistwo-14 copyoliviaistwo-24 copyoliviaistwo-27 copy

kelsey | maternity | plano, tx

zellmer-23 copy

This family is now a party of four and I had the pleasure of meeting their new addition this week.  Here is a look back at Kelsey’s maternity/family session that we shot just a little over two weeks before their son was born.

zellmer-1 copyzellmer-24 copyzellmer-10 copyzellmer-16 copyzellmer-22 copyzellmer-25 copyzellmer-27 copyzellmer-29 copyzellmer-35 copyzellmer-37 copyzellmer-41 copyzellmer-46 copyzellmer-49 copyzellmer-53 copyzellmer-54 copyzellmer-56 copyzellmer-61 copycollage2 copyzellmer-76 copyzellmer-79 copy

beckett and co. | family | plano, tx

beckett-7 copy

Beckett looked so handsome during his bluebonnet session.  It’s safe to say that he gets it from his parents!

beckett-6 copybeckett-9 copybeckett-11 copybeckett-12 copybeckett-14 copybeckett-24 copybeckett-25 copybeckett-33 copybeckett-35 copybeckett-37 copybeckett-41 copybeckett-44 copybeckett-48 copybeckett-49 copy

ari is ONE | children | plano, tx

ari-54 copy

Ari celebrated his first birthday last week. I enjoyed hanging out with him and his parents during his one year photoshoot. We ended the session with some vanilla bean cake, which he wasn’t quite sure of.  Here are some favorites.

ari-6 copyari-2 copyari-7 copyari-10 copyari-13 copyari-17 copyari-20 copyari-23 copyari-27 copyari-31 copycollage1 copyari-44 copyari-47 copyari-50 copyari-59 copyari-57 copyari-70 copyari-78 copyari-72 copyari-80 copy


krivacek | children | plano, tx

krivacek-8 copy

I love how these sisters simply pop against the bluebonnets.  Here are some favorites from their session a few weeks ago.

krivacek-3 copykrivacek-4 copykrivacek-7 copykrivacek-10 copykrivacek-18 copykrivacek-26 copykrivacek-19 copykrivacek-12 copykrivacek-27 copykrivacek-31 copy

early | children | plano, tx

earlykids-3 copy

I love it when things just fall into place. We arrived just in time to catch that beautiful morning light and these kids were absolutely perfect. It was a great bluebonnet season opener!

earlykids-1 copyearlykids-2 copyearlykids-5 copyearlykids-4 copyearlykids-8 copyearlykids-11 copyearlykids-12 copyearlykids-23 copyearlykids-24 copyearlykids-25 copyearlykids-28 copyearlykids-31 copyearlykids-32 copyearlykids-36 copyearlykids-38 copyearlykids-40 copy