uminger family | frisco, tx family photographer

It has been a couple of years since I’ve photographed this family and they came bearing good news! They wanted to document their family one last time before their newest baby’s arrival. The kids have grown so much and Brittany was absolutely glowing! I can’t wait to see them again as a family of five with their new addition.

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tie breaker | mckinney, tx family photographer

Team pink or team blue? This family will be welcoming a fifth member really soon and I can’t wait to find out who will win this tie breaker!

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wilson | mckinney, TX family photographer

The cutest family that I feel so lucky to photograph every year! I love the bond that these brothers share. Big brother Rhett was always making Ryder smile, while Ryder just copied whatever Rhett was doing. I hope they remain just as sweet years from now. Here are just a few favorites from our session.

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benitez family | carrollton, tx family photographer

This family grew by two since our first session almost four years ago. Aren’t these kids adorable? I just love big families and the beautiful chaos they bring!

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le family | lumen room | plano,tx family photographer

What a beautiful family of four! They rocked their session at the Lumen Room. Perfect outfits, adorable kiddos and we were indoors!

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rapier family | plano, tx family photographer

What an amazing evening I had with this family last October! We had the best weather, beautiful light and the ladies wore the perfect dresses to twirl in. And this location never ceases to amaze me. It’s always changing with the season and I just never know what will be in bloom when I’m there. I’m already dreaming about springtime! Thank you, Rapier family! You guys are fabulous!

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murphy | prosper, tx family photographer

Had a fun evening chasing the sun with this sweet family! And I can’t believe it has taken me this long to venture out to the silos. It was the perfect location for these three boys and really made for a fun session. Here are just some of my favorites!

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dena + co. | mckinney, tx family photographer


I’m so glad our schedules worked so that Dena could have updated pictures with her beautiful children.  They made my job so easy.

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van buren | studio house – mckinney, tx family photographer


It’s been three years since I’ve photographed this beautiful family and they’ve gained a new member since then!  It was my first time meeting AJ and you can see just how much joy he brings to this family.

Big families can me overwhelming to photograph, but I love it.  Each kid had so much personality which made for a fun session.  And Studio House was the perfect location.  It kept us cool, the kids contained and had many options all in one area.  I couldn’t be happier!

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let’s stay home | mckinney, tx family photographer


Let’s stay home.

For the elderly. For our families. For each other. And for healthcare workers, like Jill, who show up to work for us.

And once we kick this virus to the curb, I would love to capture more of you in your happy place. In the meantime, stay safe, friends.

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