mia, richardson high school class of 2022 | dallas, tx senior photographer

Mia was about two years old when I first met her. I cannot believe we are already here! She will be graduating from Richardson High School at the end of this month and will continue her studies at the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Radio-Television-Film. She’s an amazing young woman and I know she will do great things! Congratulations, Mia! Hook ’em horns!

It was so much fun catching up with her and her mama as we strolled down the streets of the Bishop Arts District in Dallas.

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nguyen | family | dallas family photographer

I had been corresponding with Karen for about a year, trying to get something on the calendar for a family session.  Well of course life happens and we just couldn’t seem to make anything work last spring.  We finally met on a beautiful Sunday morning in October at the Dallas Arboretum.  Their daughter, Coco, was a little shy at the beginning, but she warmed up fairly quickly and gave me the best smiles.  I had a great time walking around and getting to know this sweet family.  And the Arboretum never disappoints.  Here are a few of my favorites from their session.

shefali | senior | plano, tx

shefali-31 copy

Shefali will be graduating this year from Plano East Senior High School and attending Southern Methodist University in the fall, majoring in Biology.  She has the looks and the brains.  Her parents must be so proud of her!  Congratulations, Shefali, on your senior year!  Best of luck on a bright future ahead.

shefali-1 copyshefali-3collage1 copyshefali-24 copycollage2 copyshefali-18 copyshefali-29 copyshefali-26 copyshefali-38 copyshefali-42 copyshefali-45 copyshefali-53 copy

tammy + manoj | engaged | dallas, tx

Tomorrow, Tammy and Manoj will be husband and wife! To celebrate, here’s a look back at their engagement session in Deep Ellum earlier this year.  The colorful murals served as beautiful backdrops for these two who are just as vibrant and fun.  Congratulations to the happy couple!

janel + trevor | couples | dallas, tx

I had a great evening getting to know this newly engaged couple.  They’re gorgeous, fun and very much in love.  Originally from Alaska, White Rock Lake was a great spot to showcase their current city.  Later this year, they will be celebrating their love with close family and friends at a destination wedding in Florida.  Best wishes on the start of a beautiful life together!

mac + sefora pt 2 | engaged | dallas, tx

macsefonfire-44 copyThese two are getting married this weekend!  Here is part 2 of their engagement pictures that we shot back in October.  Special thanks to the Dallas Fire Department for letting us crash.  See part 1 HERE.  Best wishes on a beautiful wedding day and for a blessed life together.macsefonfire-4 copymacsefonfire-10 copymacsefonfire-20 copymacsefonfire-16 copymacsefonfire-25 copymacsefonfire-30 copymacsefonfire-32 copy.jpgmacsefonfire-34 copymacsefonfire-57 copymacsefonfire-62 copymacsefonfire-74 copymacsefonfire-79 copymacsefonfire-80 copy

mac + sefora | engaged | dallas, tx

macsef-21-copyI don’t often get to photograph couples so I was very excited for this engagement session!  It was a nice change and hope I get a chance to do it again soon. Change is good!  And this couple was up for anything and was so much fun to be around.  Thanks for the laughs and chasing the sun with me.  Here are just a few of my favorites from their session.macsef-2-copymacsef-7-copymacsef-8-copymacsef-13-copymacsef-15-copymacsef-30-copymacsef-35-copymacsef-42-copymacsef-45-copymacsef-46-copymacsef-52-copymacsef-59-copymacsef-70-copycollage1-copymacsef-90-copymacsef-91-copymacsef-95-copymacsef-105-copymacsef-97-copymacsef-101-copymacsef-108-copymacsef-110-copymacsef-114-copymacsef-124-copymacsef-125-copymacsef-129-copy



amaratana | family | dallas, tx

amaratana-23-copyI loved meeting these new parents. It brought me back to those sleepless nights and running on little fuel. But all of that goes away as soon as they see their sweet baby boy. They’re still trying to figure things out, but really, aren’t we all?  Here are just a few of their first pictures as a family of three. amaratana-8-copyamaratana-15-copyamaratana-22-copyamaratana-25-copyamaratana-36-copyamaratana-28-copyamaratana-35-copyamaratana-31-copyamaratana-44-copyamaratana-69-copyamaratana-71-copyamaratana-62-copyamaratana-75-copyamaratana-82-copyamaratana-96-copyamaratana-92-copyamaratana-107-copyamaratana-110-copyamaratana-111-copyamaratana-123-copy

the bearinos | family | dallas, tx

mkj-26wmThis post is dedicated to my sister, whose birthday is today!  It was her idea to have their first family pictures done at the same place where we’d taken her maternity pictures last year.  I’ve made a few comparisons just for fun. collage5mkj-24wmcollage4mkj-40wmcollage1mkj-51wmcollage2mkj-75wmmkj-81wmcollage3mkj-107wmmkj-112wmHappy Birthday to my favorite sister!  Wishing you all the happiness in the world!

let the kids | family | dallas, tx


signey-64wmThis family reminded me so much of my own.  The kids are about the same age as mine and just as rambunctious.  They couldn’t keep their eyes off the playground, so we ended the session there.  Sometimes, you just have to let the kids do what they do best…PLAY!  signey-5wmsigney-10wmsigney-15wmsigney-17wmsigney-34wmsigney-36wmsigney-38wmsigney-45wmsigney-54wmsigney-60wmsigney-65wmsigney-77wmsigney-83wmsigney-94wmsigney-100wmsigney-102wmsigney-111wmsigney-113wmsigney-126wmsigney-131wmI enjoyed getting to know this beautiful (and might I add, stylish) family and sharing stories of how we juggle it all with little ones.

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