angela + brian | engaged | plano, tx

angela+brian-13 copy

These two are off to the Bahamas to tie the knot this weekend!  Angela is going to make such a beautiful bride and I know their special day will be perfect.  To celebrate, here are some of my favorites from Angela and Brian’s engagement session.  Cheers to the happy couple!

collage2angela+brian-3 copyangela+brian-5 copyangela+brian-7 copyangela+brian-18 copycollage1angela+brian-27 copyangela+brian-29 copyangela+brian-33 copyangela+brian-31 copyangela+brian-37 copyangela+brian-40 copyangela+brian-41 copyangela+brian-42 copyangela+brian-44 copy

tammy + manoj | engaged | dallas, tx

Tomorrow, Tammy and Manoj will be husband and wife! To celebrate, here’s a look back at their engagement session in Deep Ellum earlier this year.  The colorful murals served as beautiful backdrops for these two who are just as vibrant and fun.  Congratulations to the happy couple!

kalyn + carl | wedding | waxahachie, tx

Love is in the air!  Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!  In November, I had the opportunity to photograph my very first wedding!  It was an honor to witness these two as they said their I Do’s in front of their close family and friends.  They were supposed to be wed in Puerto Rico but due to the hurricane, they had to make some quick changes to their plans.  It turned out to be a beautiful day for a fall wedding and they picked such a beautiful venue (Hidden Waters Event Venue).  With successfully planning a wedding in such a short time (a month and a half, to be exact), I think they can get through any obstacle that life throws at them.  Wishing Kalyn and Carl the very best on a wonderful life together.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!

PS.  Here’s a look back at their engagement pics that I posted exactly a year ago today!

janel + trevor | couples | dallas, tx

I had a great evening getting to know this newly engaged couple.  They’re gorgeous, fun and very much in love.  Originally from Alaska, White Rock Lake was a great spot to showcase their current city.  Later this year, they will be celebrating their love with close family and friends at a destination wedding in Florida.  Best wishes on the start of a beautiful life together!

mac + sefora pt 2 | engaged | dallas, tx

macsefonfire-44 copyThese two are getting married this weekend!  Here is part 2 of their engagement pictures that we shot back in October.  Special thanks to the Dallas Fire Department for letting us crash.  See part 1 HERE.  Best wishes on a beautiful wedding day and for a blessed life together.macsefonfire-4 copymacsefonfire-10 copymacsefonfire-20 copymacsefonfire-16 copymacsefonfire-25 copymacsefonfire-30 copymacsefonfire-32 copy.jpgmacsefonfire-34 copymacsefonfire-57 copymacsefonfire-62 copymacsefonfire-74 copymacsefonfire-79 copymacsefonfire-80 copy

kalyn + carl | engaged | dallas, tx

kalyncarl-24-copyIn honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing some of my favorites from Kalyn and Carl’s engagement session.  What a fun way to end 2016 with this couple!  Congratulations on your engagement!kalyncarl-10-copykalyncarl-9-copykalyncarl-12-copykalyncarl-18-copykalyncarl-35-copykalyncarl-40-copykalyncarl-46-copycollage-copykalyncarl-70-copykalyncarl-80-copykalyncarl-83-copykalyncarl-88-copykalyncarl-92-copykalyncarl-96-copykalyncarl-115-copykalyncarl-100-copykalyncarl-106-copykalyncarl-121-copykalyncarl-133-copykalyncarl-135-copykalyncarl-137-copycollage2-copykalyncarl-151-copy

wyatt is 1 | children | oak point, tx

wyatt-20wmIt’s been almost two months since this little guy turned 1. He did so well during his photo session and went along with all of his Mom’s great ideas!  These pictures were taken in their backyard.  This kid will have many adventures here growing up!wyatt-12wmwyatt-54wmwyatt-152wmwyatt-68wmwyatt-74wmwyatt-71wmwyatt-77wmwyatt-98wmwyatt-107wmwyatt-116wmWho needs dogs when you can walk balloons.  I think Wyatt is onto something!

We took a little break and shot some “engagement” pictures for this lovely couple.wyatt-123wmwyatt-128wmwyatt-147wmwyatt-148bwwmAnd now, back to the star of the show.wyatt-175wmwyatt-189wmwwyatt-209wmwyatt-218wmwyatt-221wmwyatt-224wmwyatt-233wmWe ended the session with a smash cake!  I had a great time spending the afternoon with this beautiful family.  Thanks again for letting me capture your special moments!

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m + k | engaged | dallas, tx

krismackee-85wmThis couple recently celebrated 15 years together.  Pretty impressive considering not a lot of married couples can say the same.  This year is extra special because they will finally become husband and wife.  Visiting from New York, I was so happy they asked me to take some engagement pictures for them while they were in town.  Here are a few of my favorites from our morning.krismackee-2wm krismackee-9wmBut first, coffee!
krismackee-14wm krismackee-16wmkrismackee-21wm krismackee-23wmkrismackee-26wmkrismackee-37wm krismackee-50wm krismackee-55wm krismackee-59wm krismackee-64wmkrismackee-70wm krismackee-78wm krismackee-81wm krismackee-94wm krismackee-96wm krismackee-104wm krismackee-113wm15 years and forever to go.  All the best on your happily ever after!

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reflections | couples | dallas, tx

kaburton-1wmThis couple recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary.  What better way to reflect on their first year of marriage than a photo shoot in some of their favorite spots in Dallas!kaburton-10wmkaburton-8wm kaburton-15wm kaburton-17wmkaburton-25wmkaburton-28wmkaburton-46wmUp-cycled paper flowers using their wedding programs.kaburton-38wm kaburton-40wm kaburton-43wmkaburton-50wm kaburton-58wm kaburton-61wmkaburton-70wmkaburton-76wmkaburton-88wmcollage2 kaburton-102wm kaburton-111wmkaburton-82

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