angela + brian | engaged | plano, tx

angela+brian-13 copy

These two are off to the Bahamas to tie the knot this weekend!  Angela is going to make such a beautiful bride and I know their special day will be perfect.  To celebrate, here are some of my favorites from Angela and Brian’s engagement session.  Cheers to the happy couple!

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janel + trevor | couples | dallas, tx

I had a great evening getting to know this newly engaged couple.  They’re gorgeous, fun and very much in love.  Originally from Alaska, White Rock Lake was a great spot to showcase their current city.  Later this year, they will be celebrating their love with close family and friends at a destination wedding in Florida.  Best wishes on the start of a beautiful life together!

mac + sefora pt 2 | engaged | dallas, tx

macsefonfire-44 copyThese two are getting married this weekend!  Here is part 2 of their engagement pictures that we shot back in October.  Special thanks to the Dallas Fire Department for letting us crash.  See part 1 HERE.  Best wishes on a beautiful wedding day and for a blessed life together.macsefonfire-4 copymacsefonfire-10 copymacsefonfire-20 copymacsefonfire-16 copymacsefonfire-25 copymacsefonfire-30 copymacsefonfire-32 copy.jpgmacsefonfire-34 copymacsefonfire-57 copymacsefonfire-62 copymacsefonfire-74 copymacsefonfire-79 copymacsefonfire-80 copy

kalyn + carl | engaged | dallas, tx

kalyncarl-24-copyIn honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing some of my favorites from Kalyn and Carl’s engagement session.  What a fun way to end 2016 with this couple!  Congratulations on your engagement!kalyncarl-10-copykalyncarl-9-copykalyncarl-12-copykalyncarl-18-copykalyncarl-35-copykalyncarl-40-copykalyncarl-46-copycollage-copykalyncarl-70-copykalyncarl-80-copykalyncarl-83-copykalyncarl-88-copykalyncarl-92-copykalyncarl-96-copykalyncarl-115-copykalyncarl-100-copykalyncarl-106-copykalyncarl-121-copykalyncarl-133-copykalyncarl-135-copykalyncarl-137-copycollage2-copykalyncarl-151-copy

m + k | engaged | dallas, tx

krismackee-85wmThis couple recently celebrated 15 years together.  Pretty impressive considering not a lot of married couples can say the same.  This year is extra special because they will finally become husband and wife.  Visiting from New York, I was so happy they asked me to take some engagement pictures for them while they were in town.  Here are a few of my favorites from our morning.krismackee-2wm krismackee-9wmBut first, coffee!
krismackee-14wm krismackee-16wmkrismackee-21wm krismackee-23wmkrismackee-26wmkrismackee-37wm krismackee-50wm krismackee-55wm krismackee-59wm krismackee-64wmkrismackee-70wm krismackee-78wm krismackee-81wm krismackee-94wm krismackee-96wm krismackee-104wm krismackee-113wm15 years and forever to go.  All the best on your happily ever after!

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