kalyn + carl | engaged | dallas, tx

kalyncarl-24-copyIn honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing some of my favorites from Kalyn and Carl’s engagement session.  What a fun way to end 2016 with this couple!  Congratulations on your engagement!kalyncarl-10-copykalyncarl-9-copykalyncarl-12-copykalyncarl-18-copykalyncarl-35-copykalyncarl-40-copykalyncarl-46-copycollage-copykalyncarl-70-copykalyncarl-80-copykalyncarl-83-copykalyncarl-88-copykalyncarl-92-copykalyncarl-96-copykalyncarl-115-copykalyncarl-100-copykalyncarl-106-copykalyncarl-121-copykalyncarl-133-copykalyncarl-135-copykalyncarl-137-copycollage2-copykalyncarl-151-copy

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