mac + sefora pt 2 | engaged | dallas, tx

macsefonfire-44 copyThese two are getting married this weekend!  Here is part 2 of their engagement pictures that we shot back in October.  Special thanks to the Dallas Fire Department for letting us crash.  See part 1 HERE.  Best wishes on a beautiful wedding day and for a blessed life together.macsefonfire-4 copymacsefonfire-10 copymacsefonfire-20 copymacsefonfire-16 copymacsefonfire-25 copymacsefonfire-30 copymacsefonfire-32 copy.jpgmacsefonfire-34 copymacsefonfire-57 copymacsefonfire-62 copymacsefonfire-74 copymacsefonfire-79 copymacsefonfire-80 copy

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