hennagan | family | parker, tx

hennagan-1-copyThis family won the One Year Anniversary Mini Session Giveaway last summer and they were such a joy to photograph!  The kids were so well behaved, well mannered and smiled on command!  =)  What more could I ask for.  It’s hard to believe that in just a few months, they  will be a party of five.  Thank you for making my job so easy.hennagan-5-copyhennagan-7-copyhennagan-12-copyhennagan-15-copyhennagan-18-copyhennagan-29-copyhennagan-34-copyhennagan-38-copyhennagan-44-copyhennagan-50-copy

evan is ONE | children | allen, tx

evan-39wmEvan was in the best mood for his one year photo shoot!  He was very easy going and all smiles.  I couldn’t ask for a more adorable model to hang out with on a beautiful afternoon.  He’s going to break some hearts someday!evan-9wmevan-20wmevan-22wmevan-31wmevan-42wmevan-55wmevan-57wmevan-75wmevan-77wmevan-78wmevan-84wmevan-95wmevan-103wmevan-105wmevan-107wmHappy belated birthday, Evan!

[allen, tx | child photographer]

wyatt is 1 | children | oak point, tx

wyatt-20wmIt’s been almost two months since this little guy turned 1. He did so well during his photo session and went along with all of his Mom’s great ideas!  These pictures were taken in their backyard.  This kid will have many adventures here growing up!wyatt-12wmwyatt-54wmwyatt-152wmwyatt-68wmwyatt-74wmwyatt-71wmwyatt-77wmwyatt-98wmwyatt-107wmwyatt-116wmWho needs dogs when you can walk balloons.  I think Wyatt is onto something!

We took a little break and shot some “engagement” pictures for this lovely couple.wyatt-123wmwyatt-128wmwyatt-147wmwyatt-148bwwmAnd now, back to the star of the show.wyatt-175wmwyatt-189wmwwyatt-209wmwyatt-218wmwyatt-221wmwyatt-224wmwyatt-233wmWe ended the session with a smash cake!  I had a great time spending the afternoon with this beautiful family.  Thanks again for letting me capture your special moments!

[litte elm, tx | child photographer]

robbie is 2 | children | mckinney, tx

siegel-107wmIt may be hard to believe when looking at these pictures, but it took a while for this little guy to warm up to me.  Once he realized I wasn’t going anywhere and we let him take the lead, he kept the smiles coming!  siegel-55wmsiegel-56wmsiegel-14wmsiegel-64wmsiegel-65wmsiegel-66wmsiegel-43wmsiegel-49wmsiegel-82wmsiegel-105wmsiegel-115wmsiegel-116wm

Happy 2nd Birthday, sweet boy!

[mckinney, tx | family photographer]