douglas | family | allen, tx

Happy New Year, friends!  After a very busy fall season, I’m finally back to share some of my favorite sessions with you.  First up is the Douglas family.  I’m so lucky I got to see their sweet faces twice in 2018.  I can’t get enough of these handsome boys!  Here are a few of my favorites from their session. ______________________________


Aissa Tendorf is a natural light photographer based in McKinney, TX capturing families, children, newborns, maternity and couples. She serves the North Dallas area including McKinney, Frisco, Prosper, Plano, Allen, Richardson and Dallas.

cookies for santa | family | parker, tx

wheeler-91-copy-2I thought I’d share some Christmas spirit around here.  This Mom always has the best ideas and this year, she did not disappoint!  She came prepared with props and cookies to share!  Here are some of my favorites from their session.  Enjoy!collage1-copywheeler-1wheeler-22-copywheeler-27-copywheeler-34-copywheeler-42-copywheeler-65-copywheeler-67-copywheeler-85-copywheeler-97-copywheeler-98-copywheeler-108-copy-2wheeler-109-copy-2

oh, the places she’ll go | newborn | allen, tx

fabfour-26wmSo happy for my friends and their growing family.  Their beautiful baby girl is finally here!  I loved spending the morning with them and getting to hold a newborn.  It just never gets old.  And there’s just something about baby girls that melts your heart.  fabfour-2wmfabfour-3wmfabfour-12wmfabfour-23wmfabfour-33wmfabfour-50wmfabfour-69wmfabfour-86wmfabfour-94wmfabfour-104wmfabfour-105wmfabfour-112wmfabfour-116wmfabfour-117wmBaby rolls.fabfour-120wmfabfour-129wmfabfour-130wmfabfour-145wmfabfour-152wmfabfour-154wmfabfour-159wmfabfour-161wmPatiently waiting for his turn.  fabfour-168wmfabfour-163wmfabfour-173wmfabfour-176wmfabfour-179wmfabfour-188wmfabfour-194wmfabfour-210wmBig bro loving on his little sis!

Thanks, friends, for welcoming me into your home.  So excited for your next adventures with your adorable babies!

evan is ONE | children | allen, tx

evan-39wmEvan was in the best mood for his one year photo shoot!  He was very easy going and all smiles.  I couldn’t ask for a more adorable model to hang out with on a beautiful afternoon.  He’s going to break some hearts someday!evan-9wmevan-20wmevan-22wmevan-31wmevan-42wmevan-55wmevan-57wmevan-75wmevan-77wmevan-78wmevan-84wmevan-95wmevan-103wmevan-105wmevan-107wmHappy belated birthday, Evan!

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party of 5 | family | allen, tx

gatlin-6wm.jpgRemember my friend’s maternity pics from last summer?  I had the pleasure of photographing her beautiful family again, but this time, as a  family of 5.gatlin-1wmWhat a doll!gatlin-4wmSometimes, when they’re getting into position, that’s when I like to snap pictures because it produces some pretty candid shots like this one. gatlin-20wmgatlin-21wmgatlin-28wmgatlin-32wmgatlin-45wmLook at those beautiful girls.  Thank you for letting me capture your family’s special moments!

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best idea yet | family | allen, tx

wilson-5wmWhen your client literally drags their couch from their living room for a photo session, you know it’s going to be a good one!  Best idea yet!wilson-10wm wilson-19wm wilson-26wm wilson-29wm wilson-35wm wilson-46wm wilson-57wm wilson-62wm wilson-72wm

It was a very cold and windy November day and this gang hung in there.  At least we had some delicious light and a few good smiles from that little man!

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