oh, the places she’ll go | newborn | allen, tx

fabfour-26wmSo happy for my friends and their growing family.  Their beautiful baby girl is finally here!  I loved spending the morning with them and getting to hold a newborn.  It just never gets old.  And there’s just something about baby girls that melts your heart.  fabfour-2wmfabfour-3wmfabfour-12wmfabfour-23wmfabfour-33wmfabfour-50wmfabfour-69wmfabfour-86wmfabfour-94wmfabfour-104wmfabfour-105wmfabfour-112wmfabfour-116wmfabfour-117wmBaby rolls.fabfour-120wmfabfour-129wmfabfour-130wmfabfour-145wmfabfour-152wmfabfour-154wmfabfour-159wmfabfour-161wmPatiently waiting for his turn.  fabfour-168wmfabfour-163wmfabfour-173wmfabfour-176wmfabfour-179wmfabfour-188wmfabfour-194wmfabfour-210wmBig bro loving on his little sis!

Thanks, friends, for welcoming me into your home.  So excited for your next adventures with your adorable babies!

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