a juggling act | family | plano, tx

mathew-32wmWhat a way to end the bluebonnet season with this bunch.  They sure kept me on my toes!  Their parents are superheroes for being able to juggle these four.  I don’t know how they do it, but I commend them!mathew-1wmmathew-9wmmathew-19wmmathew-24wmSo sweet to see these boys loving on their baby sister.  She’s so lucky!mathew-36wmmathew-41wmmathew-51wmmathew-67wmmathew-72wmmathew-74wmmathew-76wmmathew-77wmmathew-82wmmathew-89wmmathew-93wmWhat a princess.  She sure won her parents’ hearts (I won’t tell the boys)!mathew-96wmmathew-102wmmathew-105wmmathew-113wmmathew-132wmAnd a group shot!  Thanks again for meeting me!  I enjoyed meeting your awesome bunch!

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