evelynn | newborn | mckinney, tx


What a fun morning with this beautiful family! I was greeted by Evelynn’s two brothers who were so friendly and LOVED being in front of the camera! At just over 10lbs, Evelynn is the biggest baby girl I’ve photographed. She was perfect! You can tell that her brothers were obsessed over her. Thank you, Meyers family, for welcoming me into your home.



annemarie | newborn | mckinney, tx

Beautiful AnneMarie at two weeks old.  After a streak of baby boys, I finally got to cuddle a baby girl!

anderson | family | mckinney, tx

It was so lovely to meet this sweet family of three.  Mom did so good with all of baby Adalyn’s outfits.  She was absolutely adorable and quite the little fashionista.  Here are some favorites from our evening.

addilyn | newborn | little elm, tx

addilyn-64 copy

I met Addilyn when she was already a month old.  Although she was a preemie, she was very alert, which I didn’t mind at all because I got to see her beautiful blue eyes.  Her parents prepared such a pretty nursery for her.  Her Mom had a vision and her Dad definitely delivered, complete with an accent wall made of (hashtag) shiplap.  Addilyn is truly a miracle and the answer to her parents’ prayers.

And since she was the only baby girl of five babies I met in the past month, I’m oversharing!

addilyn-4 copyaddilyn-10 copyaddilyn-8 copyaddilyn-16 copyaddilyn-20 copyaddilyn-26 copyaddilyn-30 copyaddilyn-28 copycollage copyaddilyn-37 copyaddilyn-41 copyaddilyn-42 copyaddilyn-46 copyaddilyn-52 copyaddilyn-50 copyaddilyn-53 copyaddilyn-66 copyaddilyn-58 copyaddilyn-67 copyaddilyn-69 copyaddilyn-72 copyaddilyn-77 copyaddilyn-80 copyaddilyn-81 copyaddilyn-85 copyaddilyn-83 copyaddilyn-87 copy

gemma | newborn | richardson, tx

gemma-52 copy

Our friends welcomed their sweet baby girl, Gemma, four months ago today.  As my husband puts it, “she looks like a doll!”  She is quite a gem (no pun intended), even her big brother is in love with her!  Here’s a look back at Gemma when she was just 15 days old.

gemma-4 copygemma-11 copygemma-15 copycollage copygemma-17 copygemma-25 copygemma-27 copygemma-28 copygemma-33 copygemma-38 copygemma-39 copygemma-45 copygemma-54 copygemma-56 copygemma-58 copygemma-60 copygemma-66 copygemma-68 copygemma-70 copy

heidi | newborn | mckinney, tx

heidi-92-copyToday, beautiful Heidi is one month old!  Time flies when you have a newborn, especially the second time around!  Here are some of my favorites from Heidi’s newborn session when she was just 8 days new.collage1-copyheidi-7-copyheidi-10-copyheidi-18-copyheidi-21-copyheidi-23-copyheidi-28-copyheidi-30-copyheidi-35-copyheidi-38-copyheidi-49-copyheidi-50-copyheidi-53-copyheidi-56-copyheidi-71-copyHer Mom made this pretty quilt while she was pregnant with her.  She didn’t know at the time if she was having a boy or a girl, but this one definitely screams GIRL!heidi-73-copyheidi-76-copyheidi-78-copyheidi-80-copyheidi-83-copyheidi-84-copyheidi-88-copyheidi-90-copyheidi-94-copyheidi-99-copyheidi-101-copyheidi-105-copyheidi-115-copyheidi-117-copyheidi-124-copyThree generations.heidi-130-copy


oh, the places she’ll go | newborn | allen, tx

fabfour-26wmSo happy for my friends and their growing family.  Their beautiful baby girl is finally here!  I loved spending the morning with them and getting to hold a newborn.  It just never gets old.  And there’s just something about baby girls that melts your heart.  fabfour-2wmfabfour-3wmfabfour-12wmfabfour-23wmfabfour-33wmfabfour-50wmfabfour-69wmfabfour-86wmfabfour-94wmfabfour-104wmfabfour-105wmfabfour-112wmfabfour-116wmfabfour-117wmBaby rolls.fabfour-120wmfabfour-129wmfabfour-130wmfabfour-145wmfabfour-152wmfabfour-154wmfabfour-159wmfabfour-161wmPatiently waiting for his turn.  fabfour-168wmfabfour-163wmfabfour-173wmfabfour-176wmfabfour-179wmfabfour-188wmfabfour-194wmfabfour-210wmBig bro loving on his little sis!

Thanks, friends, for welcoming me into your home.  So excited for your next adventures with your adorable babies!

megan | maternity | plano, tx

megan-6wmI first met Megan at a bachelorette party.  This was before kids and I still had a few cool dance moves in me. =)  She’s expecting a baby girl any day now, and I can already tell she’s going to be one cool Mama!megan-10wmmegan-12wmmegan-19wmmegan-24wmmegan-26wmmegan-37wmmegan-39wmmegan-42wmmegan-47wmmegan-50wmmegan-54wmmegan-58wmmegan-61wmI’m so honored to capture this beautiful time in her life.

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