owen | aubrey, tx newborn photographer

Owen at 17 days new. He was as cute as a button, just like his big sister was when I first met her two and a half years ago. We took advantage of the sunflowers in September and finished our session at home.

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let’s stay home | mckinney, tx family photographer


Let’s stay home.

For the elderly. For our families. For each other. And for healthcare workers, like Jill, who show up to work for us.

And once we kick this virus to the curb, I would love to capture more of you in your happy place. In the meantime, stay safe, friends.

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meaux | family | plano, tx


It was a joy getting to play with this family!  Let’s face it, we were all playing Evelina’s game of “catch me if you can.”  The wildflowers were the perfect backdrop for her.  And their newest little one, Leighton, has the most adorable face.  I absolutely loved this session!


arnold | family | plano, tx

arnold-18 copy

Capturing life with two littles.  This is proof that these parents survived!  It can seem hard at times, but these are the days they’ll want to remember.  I loved meeting this beautiful family.

arnold-15 copyarnold-21 copyarnold-28 copyarnold-26 copyarnold-33 copyarnold-31 copyarnold-35 copyarnold-50 copyarnold-55 copyarnold-56 copy

genevieve | newborn | celina, tx

genevieve-30 copy

Genevieve at 6 days old.  She is everything her parents prayed for.  And she is so lucky to have the sweetest parents in the world.

genevieve-5 copygenevieve-9 copygenevieve-13 copygenevieve-14 copygenevieve-16 copygenevieve-20 copygenevieve-21 copygenevieve-24 copygenevieve-27 copygenevieve-32 copygenevieve-38 copycollage1 copygenevieve-45 copygenevieve-54 copygenevieve-57 copygenevieve-61 copygenevieve-65 copygenevieve-66 copygenevieve-67 copygenevieve-69 copygenevieve-71 copy

uminger | family | mckinney, tx

uminger-23 copy

This session had a little bit of everything.  It was Audrey’s birthday so she was in the best mood.  Lucas would be turning one the following month so we threw in a smash cake in the end.  You can’t tell by these pictures but it was slightly drizzling and we even had a downpour in the middle of our session.  I’m so glad this family was laid back, let the rain pass and kept going.  Eventually, the sun peaked through the clouds and we had an amazing time.  That’s Texas weather for ya!  Thanks, Uminger family, for letting me capture yet another milestone.

uminger-2 copyuminger-5 copyuminger-7 copyuminger-24 copyuminger-20 copyuminger-26 copyuminger-29 copyuminger-31 copyuminger-40 copyuminger-45 copyuminger-41 copyuminger-48 copyuminger-49 copyuminger-52 copyuminger-53 copyuminger-61 copyuminger-63 copyuminger-69 copyuminger-71 copySugar high.uminger-72 copyuminger-76 copyuminger-81 copyAudrey had some cake, too.uminger-84 copyuminger-87 copy

charlotte | newborn | dallas, tx

charlotte-39 copy

Charlotte Rose, or Charlie for short.  She’s close to three months old now, but here’s a look back at two months ago when she was a teeny newborn.  I loved meeting her family in their gorgeous home in Dallas.

charlotte-9 copycharlotte-2 copycharlotte-14 copycharlotte-18 copycharlotte-30 copycharlotte-32 copycharlotte-34 copycharlotte-40 copycharlotte-49 copycharlotte-50 copycharlotte-53 copycharlotte-59 copycharlotte-60 copycharlotte-64 copy

grey | newborn | mckinney, tx

grey-47 copy

Miss Grey at 11 days old.  I met her and her family on a Saturday morning and was greeted by her big sister who was just a baby herself.  At 15 months apart, Grey and big sister Lyla are the closest siblings I’ve photographed so far.  Having a sister myself, they will always share this special bond forever.

grey-2 copygrey-19 copygrey-5 copygrey-20 copygrey-13 copygrey-22 copygrey-25 copygrey-30 copygrey-32 copygrey-36 copygrey-40 copygrey-41 copygrey-48 copygrey-51 copygrey-52 copy

malachi | newborn | mckinney, tx

So many boys this year!  Here’s another handsome little dude that I got to meet this summer.  Sweet Malachi at 9 days new.  Today, he’s two months old!



addilyn | newborn | little elm, tx

addilyn-64 copy

I met Addilyn when she was already a month old.  Although she was a preemie, she was very alert, which I didn’t mind at all because I got to see her beautiful blue eyes.  Her parents prepared such a pretty nursery for her.  Her Mom had a vision and her Dad definitely delivered, complete with an accent wall made of (hashtag) shiplap.  Addilyn is truly a miracle and the answer to her parents’ prayers.

And since she was the only baby girl of five babies I met in the past month, I’m oversharing!

addilyn-4 copyaddilyn-10 copyaddilyn-8 copyaddilyn-16 copyaddilyn-20 copyaddilyn-26 copyaddilyn-30 copyaddilyn-28 copycollage copyaddilyn-37 copyaddilyn-41 copyaddilyn-42 copyaddilyn-46 copyaddilyn-52 copyaddilyn-50 copyaddilyn-53 copyaddilyn-66 copyaddilyn-58 copyaddilyn-67 copyaddilyn-69 copyaddilyn-72 copyaddilyn-77 copyaddilyn-80 copyaddilyn-81 copyaddilyn-85 copyaddilyn-83 copyaddilyn-87 copy