genevieve | newborn | celina, tx

genevieve-30 copy

Genevieve at 6 days old.  She is everything her parents prayed for.  And she is so lucky to have the sweetest parents in the world.

genevieve-5 copygenevieve-9 copygenevieve-13 copygenevieve-14 copygenevieve-16 copygenevieve-20 copygenevieve-21 copygenevieve-24 copygenevieve-27 copygenevieve-32 copygenevieve-38 copycollage1 copygenevieve-45 copygenevieve-54 copygenevieve-57 copygenevieve-61 copygenevieve-65 copygenevieve-66 copygenevieve-67 copygenevieve-69 copygenevieve-71 copy

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