uminger | family | mckinney, tx

uminger-23 copy

This session had a little bit of everything.  It was Audrey’s birthday so she was in the best mood.  Lucas would be turning one the following month so we threw in a smash cake in the end.  You can’t tell by these pictures but it was slightly drizzling and we even had a downpour in the middle of our session.  I’m so glad this family was laid back, let the rain pass and kept going.  Eventually, the sun peaked through the clouds and we had an amazing time.  That’s Texas weather for ya!  Thanks, Uminger family, for letting me capture yet another milestone.

uminger-2 copyuminger-5 copyuminger-7 copyuminger-24 copyuminger-20 copyuminger-26 copyuminger-29 copyuminger-31 copyuminger-40 copyuminger-45 copyuminger-41 copyuminger-48 copyuminger-49 copyuminger-52 copyuminger-53 copyuminger-61 copyuminger-63 copyuminger-69 copyuminger-71 copySugar high.uminger-72 copyuminger-76 copyuminger-81 copyAudrey had some cake, too.uminger-84 copyuminger-87 copy

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