glenda | maternity | mckinney, tx

glenda-1 copy

I had so much fun capturing this family last summer and this session was no different.  This was a special occasion because it was not only to celebrate their new addition coming in May, but also to commemorate Glenda and Jose’s 10 year anniversary.  Lots to thankful for this year!

glenda-4 copyglenda-6 copyglenda-8 copyglenda-9 copyglenda-14 copyglenda-21 copyglenda-23 copyglenda-28 copyglenda-33 copyglenda-37 copyglenda-42 copyglenda-48 copyglenda-51 copyglenda-56 copyglenda-58 copyglenda-64 copyglenda-68 copyglenda-71 copyglenda-74 copyglenda-77 copyglenda-82 copyglenda-79 copy

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