addilyn | newborn | little elm, tx

addilyn-64 copy

I met Addilyn when she was already a month old.  Although she was a preemie, she was very alert, which I didn’t mind at all because I got to see her beautiful blue eyes.  Her parents prepared such a pretty nursery for her.  Her Mom had a vision and her Dad definitely delivered, complete with an accent wall made of (hashtag) shiplap.  Addilyn is truly a miracle and the answer to her parents’ prayers.

And since she was the only baby girl of five babies I met in the past month, I’m oversharing!

addilyn-4 copyaddilyn-10 copyaddilyn-8 copyaddilyn-16 copyaddilyn-20 copyaddilyn-26 copyaddilyn-30 copyaddilyn-28 copycollage copyaddilyn-37 copyaddilyn-41 copyaddilyn-42 copyaddilyn-46 copyaddilyn-52 copyaddilyn-50 copyaddilyn-53 copyaddilyn-66 copyaddilyn-58 copyaddilyn-67 copyaddilyn-69 copyaddilyn-72 copyaddilyn-77 copyaddilyn-80 copyaddilyn-81 copyaddilyn-85 copyaddilyn-83 copyaddilyn-87 copy

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