the boardwalk at granite park | plano, tx family photographer

Added this fun, new urban location to my fall minis last year. Thanks to these families for trying something new with me. Sharing a few favorites to brighten your Monday!

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le family | lumen room | plano,tx family photographer

What a beautiful family of four! They rocked their session at the Lumen Room. Perfect outfits, adorable kiddos and we were indoors!

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brianna | headshots | dallas, tx photographer

I loved working with Brianna on these headshots! Doesn’t she look gorgeous? And The Lumen Room did not disappoint! Thanks, Brianna, for a fun session!

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benitez bunch | children | plano, tx


Can’t get enough of these Benitez kids!  Last time I saw them, baby Luca was still in his Mama’s tummy.  I love how the “big” kids are all over their little brother.  I guess you could say I’ve got a soft spot for families with three babes!  Here are some of my favorites from their session.


Snuck in a quick pic with Mama at the end!

natalie | maternity | plano, tx


This beautiful Mama welcomed her baby boy two weeks ago.  Here is a look back at her maternity session.  She was absolutely glowing and makes pregnancy look good!  Congratulations on your new addition!


benitez | family | plano, tx

benitez-42 copy

It was raining earlier that day and the skies cleared just in time for this family’s session.  We had the perfect light and oh my gosh, can we talk about their outfits?  We had flow, every shade of blue, and suspenders.  They were a dream to photograph!

benitez-2 copybenitez-5 copybenitez-9 copybenitez-10 copybenitez-17 copybenitez-14 copybenitez-18 copybenitez-22 copybenitez-26 copybenitez-29 copybenitez-33 copy

“Hey guys, why don’t we try going under the blanket?”  Mateo says, “Nope!”

benitez-36 copybenitez-38 copybenitez-41 copybenitez-46 copybenitez-47 copybenitez-45 copybenitez-50 copybenitez-52 copybenitez-55 copybenitez-56 copybenitez-58 copybenitez-62 copybenitez-60 copybenitez-61 copybenitez-67 copybenitez-68 copy

isabella | children | plano, tx

isabella-11 copy

When I met Isabella, the first thing I noticed was all that gorgeous hair.  Then she turned around and I fell in love with her sweet face.  It’s not evident in these pictures, but she is quite the smiley one!  It may be due to the cold front that came through that morning, but she was a trooper.  She’s so cute!  I can’t wait to see her again for her one year photos.  Until then, here she is at 6 months old.

isabella-2 copyisabella-7 copyisabella-3 copy

That pout.

isabella-9 copyisabella-10 copyisabella-15 copyisabella-16 copyisabella-22 copyisabella-23 copy

dilaila | maternity | plano, tx

dilaila-6 copyI can’t get over this gorgeous mother-to-be!  She was so sweet and absolutely flawless!  She and her husband are expecting their first baby in November and they’re so excited to meet their little one.  dilaila-3 copydilaila-8 copydilaila-11 copydilaila-12 copyIt’s a BOY!dilaila-14 copydilaila-22 copydilaila-23 copydilaila-24 copydilaila-26 copydilaila-28 copydilaila-33 copydilaila-34 copydilaila-36 copydilaila-39 copydilaila-47 copydilaila-48 copydilaila-60 copycollage copydilaila-66 copydilaila-74 copydilaila-77 copydilaila-82 copydilaila-84 copydilaila-85 copydilaila-88 copydilaila-92 copyToday may be Labor Day, but let’s hope she doesn’t go into labor anytime soon!



a juggling act | family | plano, tx

mathew-32wmWhat a way to end the bluebonnet season with this bunch.  They sure kept me on my toes!  Their parents are superheroes for being able to juggle these four.  I don’t know how they do it, but I commend them!mathew-1wmmathew-9wmmathew-19wmmathew-24wmSo sweet to see these boys loving on their baby sister.  She’s so lucky!mathew-36wmmathew-41wmmathew-51wmmathew-67wmmathew-72wmmathew-74wmmathew-76wmmathew-77wmmathew-82wmmathew-89wmmathew-93wmWhat a princess.  She sure won her parents’ hearts (I won’t tell the boys)!mathew-96wmmathew-102wmmathew-105wmmathew-113wmmathew-132wmAnd a group shot!  Thanks again for meeting me!  I enjoyed meeting your awesome bunch!

hannah | children | plano, tx

hannahblues-21wmHannah is the cutest.  Every time I see her, I just want to give her a little squeeze.  Isn’t she adorable in her jean jacket? hannahblues-1wmhannahblues-8wmhannahblues-23wmAnd snuck a few pictures with her sweet Mama.  hannahblues-31wmhannahblues-34wmWhen kids are getting restless, fruit snacks are my go-to.  Hannah hid that fruit snack like a pro and gave me the biggest smile to finish off our session!hannahblues-42wmhannahblues-40wm