dilaila | maternity | plano, tx

dilaila-6 copyI can’t get over this gorgeous mother-to-be!  She was so sweet and absolutely flawless!  She and her husband are expecting their first baby in November and they’re so excited to meet their little one.  dilaila-3 copydilaila-8 copydilaila-11 copydilaila-12 copyIt’s a BOY!dilaila-14 copydilaila-22 copydilaila-23 copydilaila-24 copydilaila-26 copydilaila-28 copydilaila-33 copydilaila-34 copydilaila-36 copydilaila-39 copydilaila-47 copydilaila-48 copydilaila-60 copycollage copydilaila-66 copydilaila-74 copydilaila-77 copydilaila-82 copydilaila-84 copydilaila-85 copydilaila-88 copydilaila-92 copyToday may be Labor Day, but let’s hope she doesn’t go into labor anytime soon!



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