a hole in one | mckinney, tx photographer

This session was definitely a first for me and it was so much fun! Baker’s party theme is a “hole in one” and I was so excited when his mom suggested the country club for our session. I loved hanging out with this family again and finally getting to meet Baker for the first time. He is the cutest, squishiest little guy with the best hair. Happy 1st Birthday, Baker!

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bandy | family | mckinney, tx

bandy-50 copy

The bond between these sisters was so much fun to watch.  Big sister has so much personality and little sister is trying to catch up!  You can tell just how much they admired each other, which in turn made their parents very happy!  Here are some favorites from our session in downtown McKinney.

bandy-4 copybandy-2 copybandy-9 copycollage copybandy-19 copybandy-23 copybandy-29 copybandy-31 copybandy-35 copybandy-42 copybandy-43 copybandy-46 copycollage2 copybandy-54 copybandy-60 copy

kotowych | family | mckinney, tx

kotowych-2-copyI’m finally back blogging again!  First up is this beautiful family’s session from the Fall.  I loved the colors that they chose and it didn’t hurt that they’re all so photogenic.  I enjoyed their company and getting the chance to know them.  Here are some favorites from their session.kotowych-3-copykotowych-8-copykotowych-21-copykotowych-28-copykotowych-32-copykotowych-44-copykotowych-45-copykotowych-49-copykotowych-54-copykotowych-58-copykotowych-63-copykotowych-66-copykotowych-72-copykotowych-77-copykotowych-82-copykotowych-83-copykotowych-87-copykotowych-93-copy

robbie | children | mckinney, tx

siegel-17-copyRobbie just keeps getting cuter and cuter each year!  It took him a while to warm up to me, but after a stroll around our little town with a train, gifts and Santa’s workshop all set up, he loosened up a bit.  siegel-29-copysiegel-37-copysiegel-40-copysiegel-44-copysiegel-16-copysiegel-53-copysiegel-54-copysiegel-58-copysiegel-59-copysiegel-64-copysiegel-8-copyAnd since he’ll be 3 in less than a month, his parents decided to bump him up to big brother status next year!  I’m sure he/she will be just as adorable!

blumenfeld | family | mckinney, tx

blumenfeld-5-copy A lot has changed since the first time I met this family about a year ago.  Their son was very shy in front of the camera, but this year, you can tell he’d been practicing his “cheese.” They recently said goodbye to one of their fur babies, and Mama is brewing a new addition in her cute little baby bump!  I had a great morning with them and am looking forward to see how their family portrait will look like a year from now!  Here are some of my favorites from their session.blumenfeld-17-copyblumenfeld-21-copyblumenfeld-28-copyblumenfeld-31-copyblumenfeld-36-copyblumenfeld-40-copyblumenfeld-47-copyblumenfeld-53-copyblumenfeld-65-copyblumenfeld-70-copyblumenfeld-76-copyblumenfeld-82-copyblumenfeld-88-copyblumenfeld-92-copyblumenfeld-99-copyblumenfeld-107-copyblumenfeld-113-copyblumenfeld-116-copyblumenfeld-120-copy

erika | maternity | mckinney, tx

erika-34-copyErika looks absolutely gorgeous!  I loved hanging out with her family, especially little Miss Maddie!  She will soon be a big sister to a baby boy who will be joining them in December.  Here are some of my  favorites from Erika’s maternity session.erika-1-copyerika-9-copyerika-10-copyerika-17-copyerika-24-copyerika-26-copyerika-29-copyerika-39-copyerika-41-copyerika-45-copyerika-52-copyerika-53-copyerika-54-copyerika-58-copyerika-65-copyerika-71-copycollage1-copyerika-78-copyerika-81-copyerika-84-copyerika-100-copyerika-102-copyerika-108-copyerika-110-copyerika-111-copyerika-112-copyCongratulations!  I can’t wait to meet your little man!

heidi | newborn | mckinney, tx

heidi-92-copyToday, beautiful Heidi is one month old!  Time flies when you have a newborn, especially the second time around!  Here are some of my favorites from Heidi’s newborn session when she was just 8 days new.collage1-copyheidi-7-copyheidi-10-copyheidi-18-copyheidi-21-copyheidi-23-copyheidi-28-copyheidi-30-copyheidi-35-copyheidi-38-copyheidi-49-copyheidi-50-copyheidi-53-copyheidi-56-copyheidi-71-copyHer Mom made this pretty quilt while she was pregnant with her.  She didn’t know at the time if she was having a boy or a girl, but this one definitely screams GIRL!heidi-73-copyheidi-76-copyheidi-78-copyheidi-80-copyheidi-83-copyheidi-84-copyheidi-88-copyheidi-90-copyheidi-94-copyheidi-99-copyheidi-101-copyheidi-105-copyheidi-115-copyheidi-117-copyheidi-124-copyThree generations.heidi-130-copy


big sister | family | mckinney, tx

merritt-61-2-copyI was so honored to be a part of this family’s sweet baby announcement!  They have a beautiful daughter and two fur babies and they’re adding another pumpkin to their patch next year!  I’m so, so happy for their growing family!  merritt-3-copymerritt-6-copymerritt-4-copymerritt-11-copymerritt-13-copymerritt-23-copymerritt-26-copymerritt-28-copymerritt-29-copymerritt-33-copymerritt-37-copymerritt-43-copymerritt-51-copymerritt-58-copy-copy

childs | family | mckinney, tx

childs-23-copyI loved spending my morning with this sweet family. Ms. Violet loved the camera and was so ready to strike a pose.  She even got her nails done – watch out, fashion world!  Liam wasn’t feeling it that day but at least he looked very handsome in his cardigan!  Here are some of my favorites from their session.childs-6-copychilds-11-copychilds-12-copychilds-15-copychilds-19-copychilds-26-copychilds-30-copychilds-21-copychilds-33-copychilds-42-copychilds-45-copychilds-44-2-copychilds-50-copychilds-60-copychilds-63-copychilds-65-copychilds-67-copy