blumenfeld | family | mckinney, tx

blumenfeld-5-copy A lot has changed since the first time I met this family about a year ago.  Their son was very shy in front of the camera, but this year, you can tell he’d been practicing his “cheese.” They recently said goodbye to one of their fur babies, and Mama is brewing a new addition in her cute little baby bump!  I had a great morning with them and am looking forward to see how their family portrait will look like a year from now!  Here are some of my favorites from their session.blumenfeld-17-copyblumenfeld-21-copyblumenfeld-28-copyblumenfeld-31-copyblumenfeld-36-copyblumenfeld-40-copyblumenfeld-47-copyblumenfeld-53-copyblumenfeld-65-copyblumenfeld-70-copyblumenfeld-76-copyblumenfeld-82-copyblumenfeld-88-copyblumenfeld-92-copyblumenfeld-99-copyblumenfeld-107-copyblumenfeld-113-copyblumenfeld-116-copyblumenfeld-120-copy

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