bowie | newborn | flower mound, tx

bowie-16-copyIntroducing little Miss Bowie, 6 days old.  Like the famous singer whom she may or may not have been named after, she made her presence known.  I loved meeting her parents.  Their creativity shows throughout their home, especially in the nursery.  Bowie’s Dad made her crib and her Mom had a genius idea of building floating shelves that I am now seriously considering for our home!  Could they be the next Chip and Joanna Gaines?  We shall see!  I’m happy to finally share these with you, which is about a month overdue!  Enjoy!bowie-1-copybowie-9-copybowie-13-copybowie-21-copybowie-22-copybowie-25-copybowie-30-copybowie-33-copybowie-39-copybowie-50-copybowie-56-copybowie-58-copybowie-64-copybowie-66-copybowie-78-copybowie-83-copybowie-89-copybowie-90-copybowie-92-copybowie-94-copybowie-98-copybowie-107-copybowie-112-copy


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