erika | maternity | mckinney, tx

erika-34-copyErika looks absolutely gorgeous!  I loved hanging out with her family, especially little Miss Maddie!  She will soon be a big sister to a baby boy who will be joining them in December.  Here are some of my  favorites from Erika’s maternity session.erika-1-copyerika-9-copyerika-10-copyerika-17-copyerika-24-copyerika-26-copyerika-29-copyerika-39-copyerika-41-copyerika-45-copyerika-52-copyerika-53-copyerika-54-copyerika-58-copyerika-65-copyerika-71-copycollage1-copyerika-78-copyerika-81-copyerika-84-copyerika-100-copyerika-102-copyerika-108-copyerika-110-copyerika-111-copyerika-112-copyCongratulations!  I can’t wait to meet your little man!

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