olivia is ONE | children | richardson, tx

olivia-10 copy

We played in the wildflowers, rocked on rocks, karate chopped some balloons (crazy wind) and ate cake, too!  Happy first birthday, Miss Olivia!  Check out some of my favorites from this fun session.

olivia-8olivia-11 copyolivia-17 copyolivia-21 copyolivia-25 copyolivia-28 copyolivia-33 copyolivia-38 copyolivia-43 copyolivia-47 copyolivia-48 copyolivia-52 copyolivia-55 copyolivia-56 copyolivia-60 copyolivia-62 copyolivia-63 copyolivia-72 copyolivia-76 copyolivia-82 copyolivia-83 copy

ari is ONE | children | plano, tx

ari-54 copy

Ari celebrated his first birthday last week. I enjoyed hanging out with him and his parents during his one year photoshoot. We ended the session with some vanilla bean cake, which he wasn’t quite sure of.  Here are some favorites.

ari-6 copyari-2 copyari-7 copyari-10 copyari-13 copyari-17 copyari-20 copyari-23 copyari-27 copyari-31 copycollage1 copyari-44 copyari-47 copyari-50 copyari-59 copyari-57 copyari-70 copyari-78 copyari-72 copyari-80 copy


brooklyn is ONE | children | richardson, tx

brooklyn-81-copyI loved everything about this session!  We had such pretty light in the perfect location and Brooklyn’s outfits were just adorable.  It seems like only yesterday that I took her Mom’s maternity pictures, and here she is turning ONE today!  Here are just a few of my favorites.brooklyn-1-copybrooklyn-6-copybrooklyn-16-copyA stork paid us a visit.  brooklyn-19-copybrooklyn-22-copybrooklyn-34-copybrooklyn-37-copybrooklyn-41-copybrooklyn-43-copybrooklyn-46-copybrooklyn-47-copybrooklyn-50-copybrooklyn-51-copybrooklyn-58-copybrooklyn-63-copybrooklyn-67-copybrooklyn-72-copybrooklyn-78-copybrooklyn-85-copybrooklyn-88-copybrooklyn-95-copybrooklyn-105-copyI had to share this sweet picture of Brooklyn and her Daddy! brooklyn-118-copybrooklyn-122-copybrooklyn-128-copybrooklyn-138-copybrooklyn-142-copybrooklyn-149-copybrooklyn-169-copybrooklyn-176-copybrooklyn-184-copybrooklyn-188-copybrooklyn-199-copyHappy 1st Birthday, Brooklyn!

kylie is ONE | children | dallas, tx

kylie-52 copyExactly a year ago today, I took maternity pictures for Kylie’s Mommy while she was still cooking in her belly.  Three days later, Kylie made her debut!  It’s amazing to see what a difference a year makes.kylie-16 copykylie-21 copykylie-24 copykylie-27 copykylie-30 copykylie-35 copykylie-38 copykylie-62 copykylie-57 copykylie-65 copykylie-66 copykylie-67 copykylie-75 copykylie-79 copykylie-82 copykylie-85 copykylie-88 copykylie-99 copykylie-102 copykylie-90 copykylie-104 copykylie-111 copykylie-116 copykylie-118 copykylie-119 copykylie-125 copykylie-126 copykylie-128 copykylie-132 copykylie-133 copykylie-140 copykylie-142 copykylie-151 copykylie-152 copyPearls and cake are always a good idea. She was a little unsure of it all, but when she smiled, it was the cutest.  And I can’t get enough of her baby rolls!  I had so much fun with this little lady and her Mommy.  Happy Birthday, Kylie!

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