kylie is ONE | children | dallas, tx

kylie-52 copyExactly a year ago today, I took maternity pictures for Kylie’s Mommy while she was still cooking in her belly.  Three days later, Kylie made her debut!  It’s amazing to see what a difference a year makes.kylie-16 copykylie-21 copykylie-24 copykylie-27 copykylie-30 copykylie-35 copykylie-38 copykylie-62 copykylie-57 copykylie-65 copykylie-66 copykylie-67 copykylie-75 copykylie-79 copykylie-82 copykylie-85 copykylie-88 copykylie-99 copykylie-102 copykylie-90 copykylie-104 copykylie-111 copykylie-116 copykylie-118 copykylie-119 copykylie-125 copykylie-126 copykylie-128 copykylie-132 copykylie-133 copykylie-140 copykylie-142 copykylie-151 copykylie-152 copyPearls and cake are always a good idea. She was a little unsure of it all, but when she smiled, it was the cutest.  And I can’t get enough of her baby rolls!  I had so much fun with this little lady and her Mommy.  Happy Birthday, Kylie!

[dallas, tx | child photographer]

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