ada is ONE | children | mckinney, tx

adaisone-5-copyAda was my first “client” in 2016, and it’s hard to believe that a year has gone by and she’s now ONE!  Here are some favorites from her one year photoshoot.adaisone-2-copyadaisone-4-copyadaisone-7-copyadaisone-8-copyadaisone-9-copyadaisone-15-copyadaisone-17-copyThis was the same red tutu that Ada wore for her newborn pictures!  It’s funny how it almost swallowed her just a year ago!adaisone-21-copyadaisone-28-copyadaisone-30-copyadaisone-33-copyadaisone-34-copyadaisone-40-copyadaisone-42-copyadaisone-47-copyadaisone-52-copy“It’s her birthday, she can cry if she wants to…”  The cold creeped up on us and little Ada was DONE!  But I’m glad we got to finish off the session with a smile regardless!

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