full circle | family | mckinney, tx

luckett-8wmI recently met this Mom through Fit4Mom but we found out that we actually first met years ago through a mutual friend and went to the same alma mater.  Small world!  This was also the exact same place where they had taken their engagement pictures and they’re back with some very adorable additions!luckett-5wm luckett-6wm We started the session getting our sillies out, aka, a dance off.  Obviously.luckett-9wmluckett-13wm luckett-14wm luckett-16wm luckett-22wmSisters are the best!  And matching outfits FTW!
luckett-24wmluckett-29wm luckett-30wm luckett-36wm luckett-39wm luckett-40wm luckett-42wm luckett-52wmSo neat to see things come full circle.  I’m glad I was able to take them down memory lane and create new ones, too.

[mckinney, tx | family photographer]

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