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signey-64wmThis family reminded me so much of my own.  The kids are about the same age as mine and just as rambunctious.  They couldn’t keep their eyes off the playground, so we ended the session there.  Sometimes, you just have to let the kids do what they do best…PLAY!  signey-5wmsigney-10wmsigney-15wmsigney-17wmsigney-34wmsigney-36wmsigney-38wmsigney-45wmsigney-54wmsigney-60wmsigney-65wmsigney-77wmsigney-83wmsigney-94wmsigney-100wmsigney-102wmsigney-111wmsigney-113wmsigney-126wmsigney-131wmI enjoyed getting to know this beautiful (and might I add, stylish) family and sharing stories of how we juggle it all with little ones.

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little bear | maternity | dallas, tx

IMG_9109When my sister decided to do maternity pictures, she wanted it to be fun.  She and my brother-in-law chose the library and the playground because they’ll be visiting these places a lot in the coming years.

belino-1wm belino-13wm belino-26wmbelino-29wm belino-31wmbelino-38wm belino-42wmbelino-20wm belino-48wm belino-53wmbelino-60wm belino-64wm belino-69wmbelino-76wm belino-84wm belino-100wm belino-102wm belino-107wm belino-112wm belino-115wm belino-127wm belino-135wmWe brought a friend with us to the library. She loved photobombing the picture! I think she thought we were playing hide-and-seek. belino-160wmbelino-174belino-181wmbelino-163wmbelino-167wmbelino-155wmbelino-202wmbelino-197wm belino-209wm

This weekend, we’ll be celebrating the parents-to-be.  I’m so excited for the changes and adventures coming their way.  And I can’t wait to wait to meet my little nephew!

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the gift of life.  Hope you are celebrating with the ones you love!

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