full circle | family | mckinney, tx

luckett-8wmI recently met this Mom through Fit4Mom but we found out that we actually first met years ago through a mutual friend and went to the same alma mater.  Small world!  This was also the exact same place where they had taken their engagement pictures and they’re back with some very adorable additions!luckett-5wm luckett-6wm We started the session getting our sillies out, aka, a dance off.  Obviously.luckett-9wmluckett-13wm luckett-14wm luckett-16wm luckett-22wmSisters are the best!  And matching outfits FTW!
luckett-24wmluckett-29wm luckett-30wm luckett-36wm luckett-39wm luckett-40wm luckett-42wm luckett-52wmSo neat to see things come full circle.  I’m glad I was able to take them down memory lane and create new ones, too.

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paco | family | mckinney, tx

feldman-10wmI had so much fun strolling along the Square with this beautiful family.  These are the sweetest ladies (and little lady) you will ever meet.  Dad was calm, cool and collected, holding a coffee mug in one hand and Mr. Paco in the other.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your morning!feldman-19wm feldman-24wm feldman-39wm feldman-42wmAnd here’s what you don’t see below:feldman-48wm feldman-51wm feldman-57wm feldman-62wm feldman-65wm feldman-73wm feldman-76wm feldman-84wmThis girl in a nutshell!feldman-86wm feldman-93wm feldman-109wm feldman-118wm[mckinney, tx | family photographer]

jammies | family | mckinney, tx

julian-9wmThis family did so great despite feeling a little under the weather.  We ended our session with a fun Christmas theme.  It is never too early to spread some Christmas cheer!
julian-55julian-14wm julian-49wm julian-114wmjulian-119wm

Happy weekend!

choo choo | family | frisco, tx

schueler-2wmFinally, a break from the rain.  We were able to squeeze in just enough time before it started back up again.  I had such a wonderful time getting to know this sweet family! And I can’t get enough of their handsome little man!  He loved exploring, running around in the mud (oops), and didn’t want to lose sight of the train!  Here are just a few of my favorites.schueler-6wm schueler-8wm schueler-10wm schueler-25wm schueler-19wm schueler-22wmschueler-30wm schueler-32wm schueler-40wm schueler-45wm schueler-47wm schueler-53wm schueler-70wm schueler-73wm schueler-86wm schueler-91wm schueler-93wm schueler-96wm schueler-102wm schueler-104wm

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easy like sunday morning | family | mckinney, tx

bogovich-30wmThe weather couldn’t have been more perfect for this sweet family’s photo session.  This beautiful Mama teaches my Stroller Barre class (which by the way, kicks my butt every time) and it’s always nice to see her and her daughter outside of class, especially when they’re all dolled up!  bogovich-3wmbogovich-4wm bogovich-8wm bogovich-9wm bogovich-11wm bogovich-12wmThis little lady is a natural!  She’s a smart cookie, too!bogovich-16wm bogovich-22wm bogovich-28wm bogovich-37wm bogovich-49wm bogovich-60wm bogovich-62wm bogovich-70wm bogovich-74wm bogovich-79wmbogovich-83wm

Unlike those Barre classes, this family was a breeze to work with.  Thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful family!

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the little prince and co. | family | mckinney, tx

sidhu-8wmThe day started out with a downpour that seemed like it would never stop.  But the sun came out just in time for this family session.  They came dressed in their beautiful Indian garments and a cheerful attitude to match.sidhu-2wm sidhu-15wm sidhu-18wmsidhu-21wm sidhu-31wm sidhu-32wm sidhu-34wmsidhu-43wm sidhu-50wmsidhu-53wm sidhu-65wm sidhu-69wm sidhu-74wmIs it obvious that this little man is the star of the show?sidhu-85wm sidhu-91wm sidhu-96wm sidhu-99wm sidhu-113wm sidhu-118wmsidhu-81wm

It was hard for me to choose just a few, so here’s a picture overload.  We need a little happy on a Monday anyway!

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blended | family | mckinney, tx

The last time this group saw each other was probably when their parents said their “I Do’s” back in August.  Dad was very excited about this mini reunion and getting everyone together for an extended family session.  So glad I was able to capture some pictures for them!


First shot of the day and it was awesome!

hitz-10wm hitz-15 hitz-17 hitz-18wm hitz-21wm hitz-23wm hitz-29wm hitz-32wm hitz-45wm hitz-50wm

These twin babies were only 11 weeks old! I.want.an0ther.one – maybe in a few years.

hitz-62wm hitz-70wm hitz-84wm hitz-91wm

I worked with this Mom for 5.5 years!  So good catching up with her outside of work!

Extended family sessions may be my new favorite!

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a family affair | maternity | richardson, tx

Managed to squeeze a quick session with my friend before she gave birth.  Literally, she had her baby girl three days after we shot these!  I love that she brought her whole family along, dog included (and her name is Baby Girl, too)!  Can’t wait to meet her new bundle of JOY!

IMG_5337wmIMG_5322wmIMG_5321wm IMG_5340-2wmIMG_5349wm IMG_5372wmIMG_5358wm IMG_5377wmIMG_5379wmIMG_5387wmIMG_5395wm IMG_5402wm[richardson, tx | maternity + family photographer]

rain, rain, go away | family | mckinney, tx

This beautiful family met me bright and early on a Friday morning despite pops of showers in the forecast.   The clouds parted and we were able to take a stroll around the Square.  I even gained a new best friend!  I loved seeing their family dynamic.  So glad I got to start my day with them!

IMG_4704wmIMG_4726wmIMG_4732wmIMG_4773wm IMG_4792wmIMG_4801wmIMG_4827wm IMG_4843wmIMG_4876wmIMG_4900wm IMG_4930wm IMG_4954wmIMG_4951wm

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