millie | newborn | carrollton, tx

millie-14 copyAmelia, “Millie” for short, 6 days new.  She is beautiful!  She was so calm even as her big brother danced all around her.  And speaking of big brother, we made sure to include him as much as we could.  Change can be tough, especially for a young three year old.  But he was so sweet to his little sister.  They are going to be the best of friends!  Sharing a few of my favorites of this gorgeous girl!millie-3 copymillie-9 copymillie-10 copymillie-24 copymillie-26 copymillie-28 copymillie-29 copymillie-31 copymillie-34 copymillie-39 copymillie-41 copymillie-44 copymillie-45 copymillie-58 copymillie-62 copymillie-65 copymillie-68 copymillie-70 copymillie-78 copymillie-83 copymillie-84 copymillie-86 copymillie-99 copymillie-94 copyI’m so glad I met this family last Fall.  Thank you for spending your morning with me and welcoming me into your home.  I can’t wait to see them again in a few months for more family pics!


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