arnold | family | plano, tx

arnold-18 copy

Capturing life with two littles.  This is proof that these parents survived!  It can seem hard at times, but these are the days they’ll want to remember.  I loved meeting this beautiful family.

arnold-15 copyarnold-21 copyarnold-28 copyarnold-26 copyarnold-33 copyarnold-31 copyarnold-35 copyarnold-50 copyarnold-55 copyarnold-56 copy

ryder | newborn | celina, tx

ryder-75 copy

Ryder August at 8 days old.  He was actually very much awake during most of our session, which was fine because I got to see his big blue eyes.  And this family.  I don’t think they’re capable of taking a bad picture.  They’re gorgeous.  I love how we were able to incorporate parts of their new home in these pictures.  It shows their eclectic style and really adds a personal touch – one of the many reasons why I love in home lifestyle newborn sessions.

ryder-4 copyryder-7 copyryder-11 copyryder-14 copyryder-19 copyryder-21 copyryder-6 copyryder-22 copyryder-30 copyryder-25 copyryder-33 copyryder-35 copyryder-39 copyryder-43 copyryder-47 copy.jpgryder-51 copyryder-49 copyryder-52 copyryder-59 copyryder-68 copyryder-79 copyryder-81 copyryder-87 copyryder-88 copyryder-90 copyryder-92 copyryder-95 copy

This dining table was custom built by Justin’s high school wood shop class back in Oklahoma.  How neat!  So of course, we had to use it for pics!

ryder-97 copy


joshua | newborn | mckinney, tx

joshua-22 copy

Baby Joshua is as handsome as can be.  He slept through our entire session even when big brother Christopher was jumping on the bed.  These two brothers will be the best of friends in no time!

joshua-1 copyjoshua-7 copyjoshua-8 copyjoshua-9 copyjoshua-10 copyjoshua-13 copyjoshua-19 copyjoshua-16 copyjoshua-25 copyjoshua-29 copyjoshua-33 copyjoshua-36 copyjoshua-37 copyjoshua-44 copyjoshua-40 copyjoshua-47 copyjoshua-50 copyjoshua-51 copyjoshua-54 copyjoshua-60 copyjoshua-62 copyjoshua-66 copyjoshua-71 copyjoshua-76 copyjoshua-80 copyjoshua-82 copyjoshua-84 copy

malachi | newborn | mckinney, tx

So many boys this year!  Here’s another handsome little dude that I got to meet this summer.  Sweet Malachi at 9 days new.  Today, he’s two months old!



sam | newborn | allen, tx

samuel-7 copy

Sam is on his way to three months now, but look how itty bitty he was at a little over two weeks old!  As I predicted, he is just as cute and adorable as his older brother.  This first shot was epic.  As much as his Mom and I tried to keep things quiet, everything happened – the UPS guy rang the doorbell, their cat jumped on the bed, and big brother barged in the room with determination.  But we got our burrito shot!  Here are some of my favorites from Sam’s newborn session.

samuel-1 copysamuel-5 copysamuel-9 copysamuel-11 copysamuel-15 copysamuel-21 copysamuel-24 copysamuel-22 copysamuel-27 copysamuel-28 copysamuel-33 copysamuel-39 copysamuel-46 copysamuel-53 copysamuel-54 copysamuel-62 copy

I love how Robbie is smiling as Sam is crying.  Real life, people!

samuel-64 copysamuel-67 copysamuel-69 copy

bradshaw | family | dallas, tx

bradshaw-2 copy

This family was so much fun to hang out with!  Since they love the outdoors, they were up for a little exploring and really enjoyed this location.  Thanks for the laughs.  Here are some of my favorites from their session.

bradshaw-13 copybradshaw-14 copybradshaw-15 copybradshaw-17 copybradshaw-19 copybradshaw-20 copybradshaw-22 copybradshaw-25 copybradshaw-28 copybradshaw-36 copybradshaw-38 copybradshaw-39 copybradshaw-45 copybradshaw-49 copy.jpg

boys will be boys | family | parker, tx

black-10-copyHow cute are these handsome boys and their matching bow ties?!  They were so full of energy and made each other laugh the entire time.  It’s good that they have these pictures to look back on when they get into fights, and I’m sure there will be plenty!black-7-copyblack-12-copyblack-13-copyblack-23-copyblack-31-copyblack-34-copyblack-28-copyblack-44-copyblack-46-copyblack-47-copyblack-51-copycollage1-copyblack-58-copyblack-60-copy

brotherly love | children | plano, tx

julianblues-4wmWhat a great way to start off the bluebonnet season with these two handsome brothers!  They were in the best of moods and I can’t get enough of their sweet faces.julianblues-9wmSometimes, you just need your blanky and your big brother.julianblues-13wmjulianblues-19wmjulianblues-31wmThey have so much love for each other!

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