sam | newborn | allen, tx

samuel-7 copy

Sam is on his way to three months now, but look how itty bitty he was at a little over two weeks old!  As I predicted, he is just as cute and adorable as his older brother.  This first shot was epic.  As much as his Mom and I tried to keep things quiet, everything happened – the UPS guy rang the doorbell, their cat jumped on the bed, and big brother barged in the room with determination.  But we got our burrito shot!  Here are some of my favorites from Sam’s newborn session.

samuel-1 copysamuel-5 copysamuel-9 copysamuel-11 copysamuel-15 copysamuel-21 copysamuel-24 copysamuel-22 copysamuel-27 copysamuel-28 copysamuel-33 copysamuel-39 copysamuel-46 copysamuel-53 copysamuel-54 copysamuel-62 copy

I love how Robbie is smiling as Sam is crying.  Real life, people!

samuel-64 copysamuel-67 copysamuel-69 copy

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