joshua | newborn | mckinney, tx

joshua-22 copy

Baby Joshua is as handsome as can be.  He slept through our entire session even when big brother Christopher was jumping on the bed.  These two brothers will be the best of friends in no time!

joshua-1 copyjoshua-7 copyjoshua-8 copyjoshua-9 copyjoshua-10 copyjoshua-13 copyjoshua-19 copyjoshua-16 copyjoshua-25 copyjoshua-29 copyjoshua-33 copyjoshua-36 copyjoshua-37 copyjoshua-44 copyjoshua-40 copyjoshua-47 copyjoshua-50 copyjoshua-51 copyjoshua-54 copyjoshua-60 copyjoshua-62 copyjoshua-66 copyjoshua-71 copyjoshua-76 copyjoshua-80 copyjoshua-82 copyjoshua-84 copy

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