caroline is ONE | children | mckinney, tx

Sweet Caroline turned one in December.  She was VERY happy to eat her delicious cake (made by Abby Cake) and wasn’t too thrilled when she had to share it with us afterwards. =)  Here are some favorites from her session.

morgan | newborn | mckinney, tx

morgan-6 copy

Morgan was a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.  And seeing these three siblings together was just so precious.  It was such an honor to photograph this family again, this time, as a family of five.

morgan-2 copymorgan-14 copymorgan-7 copymorgan-20 copymorgan-23 copymorgan-30 copymorgan-36 copymorgan-33 copymorgan-37 copymorgan-45 copymorgan-42 copymorgan-48 copymorgan-51 copymorgan-44 copymorgan-53 copymorgan-59 copymorgan-69 copy

minka | children | dallas, tx

minka-26 copy

I loved meeting this gorgeous little lady.  Look at her big brown eyes and those rolls!  Here are some pictures of Minka at around 7 months old.

minka-3 copyminka-10 copyminka-13 copyminka-16 copyminka-18 copyminka-20 copyminka-23 copyminka-27 copyminka-31 copyminka-33 copyminka-34 copyminka-38 copyminka-42 copy

andrea | maternity | mckinney, tx

andrea-30 copy

Andrea looked gorgeous at her maternity/family session.  You can never go wrong with blue and I loved the kimono that she chose.  I can’t wait to meet their new addition in August – a baby girl!  I hope she has sweet cheeks like her big brother, Cruz.

andrea-1 copyandrea-4 copyandrea-9 copyandrea-11 copyandrea-12 copyandrea-15 copyandrea-16 copyandrea-18 copyandrea-22 copyandrea-27 copyandrea-29 copyandrea-35 copyandrea-44 copyandrea-45 copyandrea-47 copyandrea-53 copyandrea-55 copy


bradshaw | family | dallas, tx

bradshaw-2 copy

This family was so much fun to hang out with!  Since they love the outdoors, they were up for a little exploring and really enjoyed this location.  Thanks for the laughs.  Here are some of my favorites from their session.

bradshaw-13 copybradshaw-14 copybradshaw-15 copybradshaw-17 copybradshaw-19 copybradshaw-20 copybradshaw-22 copybradshaw-25 copybradshaw-28 copybradshaw-36 copybradshaw-38 copybradshaw-39 copybradshaw-45 copybradshaw-49 copy.jpg

gabriel | newborn | mckinney, tx

gabriel-19 copy

Mr. Gabriel at one week old.  He was a big little man.  All he wanted were two things – Mama and milk.

gabriel-4 copygabriel-6 copygabriel-11 copygabriel-13 copygabriel-14 copygabriel-16 copygabriel-18 copygabriel-21 copygabriel-22 copygabriel-26 copygabriel-28 copygabriel-29 copygabriel-38 copygabriel-33 copygabriel-36 copygabriel-45 copygabriel-50 copygabriel-53 copygabriel-63 copygabriel-65 copygabriel-66 copygabriel-67 copygabriel-73 copygabriel-75 copy

patel | family | mckinney, tx


patel-5 copy

I loved meeting this family!  They stepped out of their car and as soon as I saw the matching dresses on these girls, I knew it was going to be a good one.

patel-2 copypatel-14 copypatel-12 copypatel-16 copypatel-21 copypatel-23 copypatel-24 copypatel-32 copypatel-26 copypatel-38 copypatel-40 copy

early | children | plano, tx

earlykids-3 copy

I love it when things just fall into place. We arrived just in time to catch that beautiful morning light and these kids were absolutely perfect. It was a great bluebonnet season opener!

earlykids-1 copyearlykids-2 copyearlykids-5 copyearlykids-4 copyearlykids-8 copyearlykids-11 copyearlykids-12 copyearlykids-23 copyearlykids-24 copyearlykids-25 copyearlykids-28 copyearlykids-31 copyearlykids-32 copyearlykids-36 copyearlykids-38 copyearlykids-40 copy