cooper at 6 months | children | parker, tx

As the temperature continues to drop here in Dallas, let’s remember October when the weather was warm enough to go shirtless, like Cooper did during his six month session.  It’s hard to believe that this little guy had a short stay in the NICU after he was born.  He is definitely a happy, healthy, beautiful baby boy!  I loved meeting him and his parents.  It was such an honor to have been able to take one of their first family pictures together.

christopher | newborn | lewisville, tx

Christopher was such a good baby and a handsome little guy.  His parents are big sports fans.  I loved incorporating some of their ideas in our session.  Here are some favorites of Christopher at around two weeks old.

gabriel | newborn | mckinney, tx

gabriel-19 copy

Mr. Gabriel at one week old.  He was a big little man.  All he wanted were two things – Mama and milk.

gabriel-4 copygabriel-6 copygabriel-11 copygabriel-13 copygabriel-14 copygabriel-16 copygabriel-18 copygabriel-21 copygabriel-22 copygabriel-26 copygabriel-28 copygabriel-29 copygabriel-38 copygabriel-33 copygabriel-36 copygabriel-45 copygabriel-50 copygabriel-53 copygabriel-63 copygabriel-65 copygabriel-66 copygabriel-67 copygabriel-73 copygabriel-75 copy

lucas | newborn | mckinney, tx

lucas-66 copy

I was very excited to meet this little guy!  He was so chill and slept through most of our session.  He is the opposite of his big sister Audrey, who has so much personality.  Of course it’s still early in the game and only time will tell before these two get into some mischief together.  Watch out, Mom and Dad!  Here are some of my favorites of Lucas at 10 days old.

lucas-1 copylucas-6 copylucas-8 copylucas-10 copylucas-13 copylucas-15 copylucas-22 copylucas-24 copylucas-29 copylucas-33 copylucas-35 copylucas-36 copylucas-37 copylucas-40 copylucas-41 copylucas-45 copylucas-47 copylucas-48 copylucas-51 copylucas-53 copylucas-56 copylucas-59 copylucas-65 copy

I love this one of Lucas sleeping on his great grandfather’s trunk that he used when he served in the Navy many years ago.

a whole new ballgame | maternity | mckinney, tx

jennifer-13-copyJennifer and Tony are expecting the arrival of their baby boy any day now.  As with any new parents-to-be, they’ve been anxiously waiting to meet their baby.  It sure is a game changer, but this little guy is already surrounded by so much love from family and friends. Here are some favorites from this fun maternity session.jennifer-4-copyjennifer-6-copyjennifer-15-copyjennifer-16-copyjennifer-21-copyjennifer-22-copyjennifer-24-copyjennifer-28-copyjennifer-34-copyjennifer-38-copy