morgan | newborn | mckinney, tx

morgan-6 copy

Morgan was a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.  And seeing these three siblings together was just so precious.  It was such an honor to photograph this family again, this time, as a family of five.

morgan-2 copymorgan-14 copymorgan-7 copymorgan-20 copymorgan-23 copymorgan-30 copymorgan-36 copymorgan-33 copymorgan-37 copymorgan-45 copymorgan-42 copymorgan-48 copymorgan-51 copymorgan-44 copymorgan-53 copymorgan-59 copymorgan-69 copy

mac + sefora | engaged | dallas, tx

macsef-21-copyI don’t often get to photograph couples so I was very excited for this engagement session!  It was a nice change and hope I get a chance to do it again soon. Change is good!  And this couple was up for anything and was so much fun to be around.  Thanks for the laughs and chasing the sun with me.  Here are just a few of my favorites from their session.macsef-2-copymacsef-7-copymacsef-8-copymacsef-13-copymacsef-15-copymacsef-30-copymacsef-35-copymacsef-42-copymacsef-45-copymacsef-46-copymacsef-52-copymacsef-59-copymacsef-70-copycollage1-copymacsef-90-copymacsef-91-copymacsef-95-copymacsef-105-copymacsef-97-copymacsef-101-copymacsef-108-copymacsef-110-copymacsef-114-copymacsef-124-copymacsef-125-copymacsef-129-copy