schueler | family | little elm, tx

This family was one of my first clients two years ago when I started this business.  Patrick was a handsome and shy little two year old back then.  Now at the age of four, not much has changed.  He’s definitely all boy who wants to just run around and be a kid!  So good to see you again, Schueler family!

liwag | family | parker, tx

And just like that, it’s the 1st of November.  Fall sessions are in full swing and I have been editing away with each minute I get.  This family was one of the first ones I photographed this season.  It’s always fun hanging out with this crew!  Here are some of my favorites from their session.

stewart pumpkin patch | family | lucas, tx

When the pumpkin patch doesn’t quite work out, you bring the patch to you!  This Mama had a brilliant idea of creating her own “pumpkin patch.”  It was perfect, complete with a barn, wood fence and the sun setting in the distance.  Thank you, Stewart family, for welcoming me into your beautiful home.

emmett, 6 months | children | frisco, tx

tetzloff-7 copy

This little guy is closer to 8 months now, but I couldn’t resist sharing a few from his six month session back in June.

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eiras | family | parker, tx

eiras-8 copy

I had a lovely time getting to know the Eiras family during their session.  Thank you for spending a windy evening with me!

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