brotherly love | children | plano, tx

julianblues-4wmWhat a great way to start off the bluebonnet season with these two handsome brothers!  They were in the best of moods and I can’t get enough of their sweet faces.julianblues-9wmSometimes, you just need your blanky and your big brother.julianblues-13wmjulianblues-19wmjulianblues-31wmThey have so much love for each other!

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baby makes three | family | plano, tx

ayson-14wmI met this couple in college when they were just friends.  I saw their friendship turn into love and I finally got to see them as parents for the very first time.  ayson-1wmayson-5wmayson-17wmayson-22wmayson-40wmayson-26wmayson-44wmayson-49wmayson-50wmayson-57wmayson-62wmayson-71wmayson-76wmIt was awesome catching up with them while they were in town, exchanging stories of being first time parents (and what to look forward to) and celebrating their son’s christening.  It’s been an honor to witness their love grow throughout the years.

Thanks for letting me capture your family of three!

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evan is ONE | children | allen, tx

evan-39wmEvan was in the best mood for his one year photo shoot!  He was very easy going and all smiles.  I couldn’t ask for a more adorable model to hang out with on a beautiful afternoon.  He’s going to break some hearts someday!evan-9wmevan-20wmevan-22wmevan-31wmevan-42wmevan-55wmevan-57wmevan-75wmevan-77wmevan-78wmevan-84wmevan-95wmevan-103wmevan-105wmevan-107wmHappy belated birthday, Evan!

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jack | newborn | the colony, tx

D16A2775wmToday, this little bear is two months old.  He has blessed his parents with his sweet, dimply smile, warm cuddles and many sleepless nights!  Jack was about three weeks old in these pictures, and he has changed so much already.  What hasn’t changed is the volume on that head of hair!collagewmD16A2827wmD16A2833wmD16A2861wmD16A2872wmD16A2880wmD16A2900-2wmD16A2890wmI can’t wait to see this kid grow up.  He is very much loved and adored.

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malaiya | senior | dallas, tx

malaiya-24wmWhen I first met this girl, she was about 5 years old.  I can’t believe she’s graduating this year!  I was so happy when her Mom (my friend) asked me to take her beautiful daughter’s senior pictures.  Malaiya is a talented dancer.  Having danced back in the day, I was very excited for this session because it means combining two of my favorite things – photography and dancing.  It was hard for me to narrow down just a few, so please don’t mind if I overshare!malaiya-5wmmalaiya-16wmmalaiya-13wmmalaiya-31wmmalaiya-27wmmalaiya-29wmmalaiya-42wmmalaiya-50wmmalaiya-57wmmalaiya-89wmmalaiya-73wmmalaiya-67wmmalaiya-100wmmalaiya-110wmmalaiya-113wmmalaiya-119wmmalaiya-116wmmalaiya-120wmmalaiya-128wmmalaiya-145wmmalaiya-166wmmalaiya-155wmmalaiya-160wmmalaiya-158wmmalaiya-162wmmalaiya-168wmmalaiya-169wmmalaiya-187wmmalaiya-180wmmalaiya-172wmmalaiya-137wmMalaiya is a perfect reminder to “do what you love.”  Dancing is her passion and she’ll be dancing her way through college.  Congratulations on your senior year!  You make your Mama proud!

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wyatt is 1 | children | oak point, tx

wyatt-20wmIt’s been almost two months since this little guy turned 1. He did so well during his photo session and went along with all of his Mom’s great ideas!  These pictures were taken in their backyard.  This kid will have many adventures here growing up!wyatt-12wmwyatt-54wmwyatt-152wmwyatt-68wmwyatt-74wmwyatt-71wmwyatt-77wmwyatt-98wmwyatt-107wmwyatt-116wmWho needs dogs when you can walk balloons.  I think Wyatt is onto something!

We took a little break and shot some “engagement” pictures for this lovely couple.wyatt-123wmwyatt-128wmwyatt-147wmwyatt-148bwwmAnd now, back to the star of the show.wyatt-175wmwyatt-189wmwwyatt-209wmwyatt-218wmwyatt-221wmwyatt-224wmwyatt-233wmWe ended the session with a smash cake!  I had a great time spending the afternoon with this beautiful family.  Thanks again for letting me capture your special moments!

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robbie is 2 | children | mckinney, tx

siegel-107wmIt may be hard to believe when looking at these pictures, but it took a while for this little guy to warm up to me.  Once he realized I wasn’t going anywhere and we let him take the lead, he kept the smiles coming!  siegel-55wmsiegel-56wmsiegel-14wmsiegel-64wmsiegel-65wmsiegel-66wmsiegel-43wmsiegel-49wmsiegel-82wmsiegel-105wmsiegel-115wmsiegel-116wm

Happy 2nd Birthday, sweet boy!

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brand new | newborn | plano, tx

jackevan-44wmMy brand new nephew at 2 days young. collagewmjackevan-33wm


pups and kids | family | mckinney, tx

blumenfeld-15wmI love it when families bring their pups to a session.  After all, they are part of the family and just as important as the kiddos.  These puppies were probably as big as me, but they were such gentle giants and so well behaved.  They only made it in a few pictures, but I’m so glad they were included. blumenfeld-29wm blumenfeld-48wm blumenfeld-50wm blumenfeld-61wmLife is hard.  Sometimes, you just have to stop and…pick up some rocks.blumenfeld-67wm blumenfeld-74wm blumenfeld-80wmThis little guy was getting pretty tired towards the end.  Of course, he says “cheese” right as I was walking away.  So I got my camera out and snapped this sweet pic with his Mama.

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party of 5 | family | allen, tx

gatlin-6wm.jpgRemember my friend’s maternity pics from last summer?  I had the pleasure of photographing her beautiful family again, but this time, as a  family of 5.gatlin-1wmWhat a doll!gatlin-4wmSometimes, when they’re getting into position, that’s when I like to snap pictures because it produces some pretty candid shots like this one. gatlin-20wmgatlin-21wmgatlin-28wmgatlin-32wmgatlin-45wmLook at those beautiful girls.  Thank you for letting me capture your family’s special moments!

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