choo choo | family | frisco, tx

schueler-2wmFinally, a break from the rain.  We were able to squeeze in just enough time before it started back up again.  I had such a wonderful time getting to know this sweet family! And I can’t get enough of their handsome little man!  He loved exploring, running around in the mud (oops), and didn’t want to lose sight of the train!  Here are just a few of my favorites.schueler-6wm schueler-8wm schueler-10wm schueler-25wm schueler-19wm schueler-22wmschueler-30wm schueler-32wm schueler-40wm schueler-45wm schueler-47wm schueler-53wm schueler-70wm schueler-73wm schueler-86wm schueler-91wm schueler-93wm schueler-96wm schueler-102wm schueler-104wm

[frisco, tx | family photographer]

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