easy like sunday morning | family | mckinney, tx

bogovich-30wmThe weather couldn’t have been more perfect for this sweet family’s photo session.  This beautiful Mama teaches my Stroller Barre class (which by the way, kicks my butt every time) and it’s always nice to see her and her daughter outside of class, especially when they’re all dolled up!  bogovich-3wmbogovich-4wm bogovich-8wm bogovich-9wm bogovich-11wm bogovich-12wmThis little lady is a natural!  She’s a smart cookie, too!bogovich-16wm bogovich-22wm bogovich-28wm bogovich-37wm bogovich-49wm bogovich-60wm bogovich-62wm bogovich-70wm bogovich-74wm bogovich-79wmbogovich-83wm

Unlike those Barre classes, this family was a breeze to work with.  Thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful family!

[mckinney, tx | family photographer]

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