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The last time I did a teen session was actually for Jett’s sister Mia.  It was so much fun and I was so excited when their mom asked me to do this again, this time for Jett, who turned thirteen in May and is moving on to middle school.  It’s so rare for me to photograph teens, especially boys, so this was refreshing and a good break from my norm.  Jett was a natural.  It’s hard to believe that the first time I met him was at the hospital when he was just a few hours old!  Yup, feeling old.  Here are some of my favorites from our evening.


miss mia | tweens + teens | richardson, tx

mia-110wmIt’s a little hard to believe that this young lady was just a few months shy of two years old when I first met her.  Her mother was my old college dance coach and I was so excited when she asked me to take some pictures of Miss Mia. What better way to capture her personality at this age than a fun photo shoot in her element.  I had such a hard time picking my favorites.  Luckily, Mia is gorgeous and very easy on the eyes!mia-5wmmia-12wmmia-15wmmia-19wmmia-24wmmia-44wmmia-46wmmia-49wmmia-52wmmia-56wm.jpgmia-60wmmia-67wmmia-68wmmia-79wmmia-87wmCan’t NOT have a picture with the baby bro (and Gus).  LOVE!mia-94wmmia-96wmmia-101wmmia-104wmmia-114wmmia-117wmmia-118wmmia-128wmmia-133wmmia-138wmmia-142wmThis is why I love photography.  It captures a certain moment in time.  This was so much fun!  Thank you, Pam, for the opportunity.

Now, bring me all the tweens!

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