collin county moms blog | business | mckinney, tx

ccmb-29-watermarkThis past November, I partnered with Collin County Moms Blog as they launched their new website.  These fabulous ladies were so much fun to work with.  They were very welcoming, super sweet and made my job so easy.  Local friends, if you haven’t done so already, check out their website and find out what’s new in your community.

“Collin County Moms Blog is a locally focused parenting website written BY Collin County moms, FOR Collin County moms.”

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity! ccmb-1-copyccmb-headshots3ccmb-6-copyccmb-27-watermarkccmb-headshots4ccmb-22-copyccmb-headshots5ccmb-23-copyccmb-31-watermark