griffin | newborn | lewisville, tx

griffin-74 copy

Griffin at one week old.  What a handsome little guy.  His parents did an amazing job on his nursery.  He’s going to love it for years to come.  He is already so loved, even his big (puppy) brothers approve!

griffin-2 copygriffin-13 copygriffin-23 copygriffin-27 copygriffin-14 copygriffin-30 copygriffin-33 copygriffin-35 copygriffin-38 copygriffin-39 copygriffin-41 copygriffin-42 copygriffin-47 copygriffin-48 copygriffin-50 copygriffin-51 copygriffin-53 copygriffin-61 copygriffin-65 copygriffin-71 copygriffin-72 copy

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