abby is three | children | dallas, tx

abbyis3-17 copy

This past weekend, we celebrated Abby’s third birthday.  These pictures were taken a few weeks ago at the Dallas Arboretum and it did not disappoint!  The tulips were in full bloom and I think Abby’s dress gave this session a whimsical feel.  She sure wore that dress like a princess as she made her way around and gave me a great workout.  Happy birthday, sweet girl!

abbyis3-2 copyabbyis3-6 copy

Not pictured – cake pops were used as bribery.

abbyis3-12 copyabbyis3-15 copyabbyis3-19 copyabbyis3-25 copyabbyis3-22 copyabbyis3-29 copyabbyis3-32 copyabbyis3-34 copyabbyis3-39 copy
abbyis3-43 copyabbyis3-44 copyabbyis3-47 copyabbyis3-51 copy

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